John Briggs' Record of Shipping

Triton?, perhaps greenhand, Capt. Obed Clark, abt July 1806-17 October 1807

Sally, cooper, Capt. Obed Clark, 29 July 1808-16 August 1810

Sally, cooper/boatsteerer, Capt. Obed Clark, abt. 17 November 1810-crew landed in Plymouth, MA, 2 August 1812

Barclay, third mate or boatsteerer, Capt. Job Coffin, abt. 16 July 1815-15 November 1817

Barclay, first mate, Capt. Job Coffin, abt 10 January 1818-13 October 1820

Wilmington & Liverpool Packet, (master hereafter), 13 April 1821-27 December 1823

Wilmington & Liverpool Packet, 18 April 1824-22 September 1824

Wilmington & Liverpool Packet, 1 December 1824-8 March 1827

Wilmington & Liverpool Packet, abt 31 August 1827-24 June 1830

Frances, abt 1 August 1831-22 April 1832

Frances, abt 24 June 1832-22 April 1833

Frances, abt 6 June 1833-14 August 1836

Frances, 6 December 1836-26 June 1840

Sally overview and crew lists

Barclay overview and crew lists

Wilmington & Liverpool Packet overview and crew lists

Frances overview and crew lists

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