composing the crew of the ship William Hamilton of New Bedford, whereof William Swain is master bound for
the Pacific Ocean and elsewhere on a whaling voyage

Luther J. Briggs FairhavenNew Bedford United States2153/4lightlight brown
Peleg Gifford RochesterNew Bedford United States295 9lightbrown
Charles T. Terry New Bedford New Bedford United States 22 5 4 1/4 fair brown
Job Pierce
Bartholomew West Fairhaven New Bedford United States 22 5 9 dark dark
John [S. or L.] Churchman Philadelphia Philadelphia United States 25 5 9 1/2 light light
John G. Carr Nantucket Nantucket United States 18 4 10 light brown
George White Westport Westport United States 43 5 8 3/4 light brown
Charles Brochar New Bedford New Bedford United States 55 5 8 dark black curled
Daniel Lefavour Salem Salem United States 34 5 5 1/2 dark dark
Albert Allen New Bedford New Bedford United States 14 4 5 1/2 dark brown
John C. Smith Dartmouth Dartmouth United States 17 5 3/4 light brown
Thomas Butler Baltimore New Bedford United States 25 5 7 black woolly
Joseph Smith Seekonk New Bedford United States 38 5 9 1/4 black woolly
Richard Lee Burrilville Burrilville United States 19 5 5 dark dark
Orin Perigo Buffalow Buffalow United States 19 5 5 1/4 light brown
John Hall Hallowell Hallowell United States 23 5 5 1/4 light brown
George Kimball Hallowell Hallowell United States 20 5 11 3/4 light brown
Jonathan Hendrick
Charles Tuttle Cammillus NY Cammillus NY United States 22
Darwin Magown Cammillus " Cammillus " United States 20
Luman Powers Armenia " Armenia " United States 20 5 9 1/2 light brown
Turpin Ingraham Summer Kill " Summer Kill " United States 24 5 9 light brown
William Curtis Auburn " Auburn " United States 26 5 9 1/4 dark brown
Michael Hallenbeck Bethlehem " Bethlehem " United States 25 5 10 dark black
Harrison Wood New Burgh " New Burgh " United States 18 5 7 1/2 light light
Augustus Felch Warterford Vt Warterford Vt United States 18 5 11 3/4 dark light
John Bishop New Haven Conn New Haven Conn United States 24 5 4 3/4 dark black
Rufus Pearl Ashford " Ashford " United States 16 5 4 3/4 light brown
Henry E. Dwight
John Shaw
Juan Maria Calbag
[signed] William Swain
I William Swain do solemnly, sincerely, and truly swear that the above List
contains the names of the crew of the William Hamilton together with the Places of
their Birth and Residence as far as I can ascertain the same

sworn this 26 day of May 1834

[signed] William Swain

Charles Tobey Terry ?b. 28 Mar 1811 to Thomas T. & Sally Tobey (IGI, no source), or 28 Mar 1812 (New Bedford vrs, based on gravestone, Oak Grove Cem.), Charles T. of N. Bedford m. Nancy C. Bumpus of Fairhaven, MA, int. 8 Jun 1836 (NBed vrs). 1850 US census, MA, Bristol Co., Fairhaven, p. 201B, mariner. Nancy appears without him in later censuses.

John G. Carr ?b. 21 Apr 1815, Nantucket (Nantucket vrs, from William G. Folger records, Quaker?) to Moses & Mary, m. Anna B. Coffin 21 Oct 1841, Nant. (Nant. vrs). Continued as a whaling seaman, rising to mate on Emily Morgan (1842) and Columbus (1847) and captain of Columbus (1850) (New Bedford Public Library, online crewlists). He may have died in New Bedford in 1875 (MA Dept. of Health index of deaths)

George (Moody?) Kimball ?b. 7 Jan 1815, Randolph, Kennebec Co., ME (Henry S. Webster, VRs of Randolph, ME, transcr. in IGI) or Hallowell, Kennebec Co. (IGI, no source), son of Jesse & Betsy (Page)(IGI, no source), ?m. Caroline Bean 18 Feb 1851 (IGI, no source). The latter George: 1860 US census, ME, Kennebec Co., Pittston, p. 239, gentleman.

Charles Tuttle ?b. 1 June 1812, Camillus, Onondaga Co., NY, to James & Betsy (Gleason) (IGI, no source), ?m. Melissa West 11 Apr 1839, Camillus (IGI, no source)
Turpin Ingraham supp. b. July 1810, d. 5 June 1842, son of and William and Martha (Stranahan). Lived in Summer Hill, Cayuga Co., NY (internet site). Another site says he was b. Killingly, CT, 5 May 1805.

Darwin Magown - Darwin Magoon, son of Isaac and Betsey (Coney). A Coney genealogy says he went to sea and never returned.

Rufus Pearl b. 21 Nov 1817, Ashford, CT, son of Rufus and Abigail (Byles)(IGI, from Barbour). He moved to Louisiana, then Pensacola, FL, by 1860. He was a watchman at the Navy Yard there by 1870, so likely was in the Navy earlier. Married, children.

Orrin Perigo, surely the seaman who died at the Seaman's Retreat on Staten Island on 12 April 1846, of New York, age 31, reported in The Sailor's Magazin and Naval Journal, vol. 19 (New York:1847), p. 149. He may have been the son of Lyman and Betsy (Kettle) Perigo (see, who reportedly had a son of that name born about the right time. Lyman was in Venice, Cayuga Co., NY, in 1830 and 1840. In 1830 with a son 10-15 and another 15-20. Orrin the sailor was b. abt 1815, so he could have been either. He may have been the Orrin Perigo whose property in Arcadia was sold by sherrif's action in Newark, Wayne Co., NY, 18 Jan 1845 (Western Argus newspaper, Lyons, NY).

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