composing the crew of the ship Wilmingtn & Liverpl Packet of New Bedford, whereof John Briggs is master bound for
the Pacific Ocean and elsewhere whaling

John Briggs Berkley New Bedford United States
George Allen Nantucket Nantucket do. 30 5 7 3/4 dark dark
Anson Churchill New Bedford New Bedford do. 23 5 10 1/2 fair brown
Peleg Jenney, Jr New Bedford New Bedford do. 23 5 2 light brown
Asa Butler New Bedford New Bedford do. 28 5 6 3/4 dark dark
Thomas Butler New Bedford New Bedford do. 33 5 6 1/4 light brown
James Bassett Derby Connt New Bedford do. 27 5 8 1/2 dark dark
Henry Jenney Fairhaven Fairhaven do. 20 5 7 1/4 fair brown
Simon Pendleton Islesborough Me New Bedford do. 25 5 9 dark brown
Frederick Stevens Fairhaven Fairhaven do. 17 5 8 1/2 dark brown
Nathaniel Chandler Concord NH New Bedford do. 27 5 7 1/4 light brown
Hiram Porter Boston Boston do. 19 5 6 1/2 light light
Albert L. Doak Boston Boston do. 19 5 1 dark dark
William Hascott Salem Salem do. 18 5 9 1/4 fair brown
George W. Slocum Tiverton Tiverton do. 27 5 6 1/2 dark black
Luther J. Briggs Fairhaven New Bedford do. 14 5 1 3/4 light light brown
Henry Randall Rochester Rochester do. 18 5 9 1/4 dark black
Daniel Wilmot Watertown Connt Whitestown N York do. 22 5 5 fair brown
Theophilus P. Sproat Taunton Taunton United States 21 6 1/4 fair brown
George Allen Nantucket New Bedford do. 44 5 8 native black
Thomas Greene Kingston NY New Bedford do. 32 5 8 3/4 native black woolly
Isaac Tripp Tiverton Tiverton do. 23 5 10 1/2 dark dark
William Allen Woahoo New Bedford Sandwich Islands 17 5 5 1/2 copper straight black
John Chace Freetown New Bedford United States 23 5 9 1/2 light brown
John Bull Woahoo New Bedford Sandwich Islands 25 5 11 1/2 native straight black
William Sinklear Lisbon Me Portland United States 23 5 8 1/? florid red
David M. Tryon Green County NY New Bedford United States 22 5 6 1/2 dark brown
William Norcut Berkley Berkley do. 17 5 6 light brown
[signed] John Briggs

District of New Bedford June 24th 1830

Examined & found Nathl Chandler Hiram Porter Albert L Doak William Hascott Daniel Wilmot Theophilus P Sproat Isaac Tripp John Chace John Bull William Linclear David M Tryon & William Norcut missing [?] Allen, Inspector

District of New Bedford

I John Briggs master of the abopve named ship do solemnly swear that Isaac Tripp deserted from the said ship before sailing from this Port and that William Hascott, John Chace, John Bull, William Sinclair, David M Tryon and William Norcut deserted in the course of the voyage So help me God John Briggs

Lemuel Williams, collector

Anson Churchill prob. b. 3 Jan 1805, New Bedford, son of Thomas & Eunice (Jenney) (NB vrs.). Rose from perhaps 4th mate to 2nd mate from previous trip of W&LP. 1836 NB dir., mariner, house 45 Hillman.

Peleg Jenney, Jr. prob. b. 17 Dec 1803, New Bedford, son of Peleg & Sarah (Kempton)(IGI), m. Abby Russell 1 May 1827 (IGI) between his trips on the W&LP. Rose to 3rd mate from previous voyage.

Asa Butler prob. b. 3 April 1799, New Bedford, son of Obed(iah) and Eliphal (Allen) (IGI)

Thomas Butler prob. b. 12 March 1793, New Bedford, son of Obed(iah) and Eliphal (Allen)(IGI)

Simon Pendleton was the son of Stephen and Prudence (Dodge), b. Deer Isle, ME, 18 Dec 1801 (Everett Hall Pendleton, Brian Pendleton and his Descendants, etc, p. 370). Marr. Susan Sherman at New Bedford 17 April 1831. Moved to CA in 1849, settled eventually in Red Bluff as a stock raiser, d. (prob. murdered) 2 Nov 1863. One child Samuel, drowned Acushnet River, 8 years old, abt 1842.

Thomas Greene may have been Thomas A. Green, one of the men who attacked the home of John Howard in New Bedford. Howard was an informant about fugitive slaves, and the attackers were mostly local, prominent African Americans. No one would provide evidence against them at a court hearing. Theophilus Parsons Sproat b. 14 Oct 1805, son of James and Ann (Dennis?), Taunton (vrs); m. Mary A. Baylies 19 Jan 1834, Taunton, bur. Mt. Pleasant St. Cem, Taunton. 1850 US census, Taunton (p. 244B), 44,labourer, wife and 2 daus. 1860 US census, Taunton (p. 244), T.P Sproat, 54, overseer, wife and 2 daus.

Albert L. Doak perhaps 1870 US census, Greenwich, Hampshire Co., MA (p. 193A), 60, mfr. saddlery ware, b. MA, wife & 3 ch. (another prob. nearby). 1860, silverplater, same location, 50. d. 1887 (MA State Health deaths)

George W. Slocum prob. b. 4 July 1800, Tiverton, RI, son of Tristram & Sarah, m. Mehitable 16 July 1818? (IGI)

Henry Randall
perhaps b. 24 Sep 1810, Rochester, MA, son of Samuel & Hannah (Wing)(IGI)

David M. Tryon" prob. David Mason Tryon b. 18 July 1806, Durham, Greene Co., NY, son of Asa & Hester (Chapman)(IGI, says b. Saybrook, incorrect). An "Asae Trion" or "Trian" appears in Freehold, Greene Co., NY, in 1800, and Asa Tryon is in Durham in 1810

George Allen, prob. son of John and Amy (Swain), b. Nantucket 13 Dec 1796. He was prob. one of the men accused of the attack on John Howard in New Bedford on 28 Mar 1827, as part of an anti-slavery group.

Henry Jenney was likely the son of Abishai and Phebe (Jenne/Jenney) Jenne/Jenney, making him a nephew of John Briggs' wife Elizabeth. He was also likely the apprentice of Henry Sowle/Soule of Fairhaven who ran away from him, causing Sowle to put an advertisement in The New Bedford Mercury (10 Sep 1824) warning that no one should house or trust him and offered a reward for his return. That Henry was 16, and three years later Henry the sailor was 20. The ad says he was tall, slim, light complected and with dark hair. Sailor Henry was of moderate height (5' 7"), with a fair complexion and brown hair. Given the probability of error, this is a close match. Abishai and Phebe's son appears in Fairhaven in the following censuses: 1830, then 1850-1880. He was born abt. 1807, married Mary S. Damon (name from her death record, no marr. rec. found), and had daughters Love D. and Mary E. T., both of whom died single in Fairhaven. He was a blacksmith.

William Sinkler (Sinclair), b. Lisbon, ME, 6 Feb 1803, son of Nathaniel and Eleanor (IGI). He may have been the Capt. William, mariner, in NYC in the 1850 census (age 45, b. ME), with a 21 year old wife Mary J. 1860, Rye, NY, ship master, wife and children.

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