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John supposedly came with his parents and siblings to Boston in 1717. He bought lots 10 and 14 in what was Leicester, Massachusetts, on 25 September 1731.(1) When the western precinct of the town built a meeting house, John was voted to a committee to receive claims against the town treasury for work done on 2 September 1745. John was elected a selectman there at the first official town meeting on 14 May 1753 and again in 1754. He was also a town tax assessor in those years. He was on the Committee of Correspondence for Spencer in 1774.
John and Ann's children were recorded as a group after 1754. The Gregorian calendar was adopted in 1752, leaving a deficit of 11 days. These Cunningham births span this transition. The family likely gave the birth dates as they happened at the time without calculating the calendar change. If so, the first four children's dates are Julian. Robert's birth, according to the Gregorian calendar, took place on 5 April (not 25 March), John's on 29 February, Jonathan and David's on 17 June.

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children of John and Ann (Sinclear) Cunningham (J=Julian calendar date; G=Gregorian calendar date):

i. Robert b. 25 March 1740 (prob. J)
ii. John b. 9 February 1746 (prob. J)
iii. Jonathan b. 6 June 1747 (prob. J)
iv. David b. 6 June 1747 (prob. J)
v. Nathaniel b. 16 March 1752 (G)
vi. William b. 11 November 1754 (G)

vital records sources: His gravestone in the Spencer Congregational Church cemetery says he was "in his 80th year" (79 years old) when he died. Given that he died early in the year, he likely turned 80 in that year. Vital records of Spencer, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849 (Worcester:Franklin P. Rice, 1909), p. 34


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