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     Robert's family is said to have lived in Coleraine, Ireland. The family supposedly sailed to Boston, MA, in 1717. Robert bought Lot #18 in what was the West Precinct of Leicester, MA, on 9 September 1731. In April 1753, after many years of attempts, this area was set off as the Town of Spencer, Lot #18 being in the northeastern part. Robert had a brother Hugh who settled in Brookfield, MA, and a sister Margaret who married Archibald Lamond and lived in Spencer. Margaret (Robert's wife) is buried next to Robert and has been identified by the inscription on her stone, which is no longer legible, but it isn't known if she was the mother of his children.

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children of Robert and Margaret? Cunningham:


His gravestone in the Spencer Congregational Church cemetery says he was 89 when he died.

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