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     Christina was born probably in Duncansbay, Caithness, to Gilbert Laird and Christina Dunnet. She married and lived in the Gills/Mey area before moving to Wick about 1834. After James died in 1846, she opened a coffee house and rooms for rent on the second floor of a building facing the market on High Street. More about this can be found in her son Donald's biography. After 1871 she moved to Kinning Park, Glasgow, where her daughter Margaret Rosie lived, and she died there.

children of Christian Laird and James Dunnet:


vital records sources: Christina's birth comes from parish registers of Canisbay, where her baptism was recorded on 15 August 1800. Her marriage is also recorded in the Canisbay registers, where her residence is listed Duncansbay. Her death is in the civil registration for Kinning Park District, Glasgow.

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