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e=Ellingwood side
si=Sinclair side
s=Smith side


Antipas Bartlett's gravestone, Northborough, MA (s)
Jonas Bartlett's gravestone, Northborough, MA (s)
Jotham Bartlett's gravestone, Northborough, MA (s)
Lucy (Bartlett) Bartlett's gravestone, Wilmington, VT (s)
Mariana (Bartlett) Briggs' gravestone, Brooklyn, NY (s)
John Benedict's stone (d. 1770), New Canaan, CT (e)
Perley Bartlett's gravestone, Wilmington, VT (s)
Desire (Blackwell) Jenne's gravestone, Dartmouth, MA (s)
Benjamin Brady's stone, Baltimore Co., MD (e)
John Briggs' (d. 1853) gravestone, New Bedford, MA (s)
Luther Jenney Briggs, Sr.'s gravestone, Brooklyn, NY (s)
Hannah (Bowker) How's gravestone, Marlborough, MA (s)


David Beale Cunningham's gravestone, Brooklyn, NY (e)
David Cunningham's gravestone, Richfield, NY (e)
John Cunningham's gravestone (d. 1854), Utica, NY, whole obelisk (e)
John Cunningham's (d. 1789) gravestone, Spencer, MA (e)
Robert Cunningham's gravestone, Spencer, MA (e)
Eleanor (Cole) Young Jenne's gravestone, Dartmouth, MA (s)


Jonathan Delano's gravestone, Dartmouth, MA (s)
Douwe Ditmars' gravestone, Clementsport, NS (e), and Douwe's footstone
Douwe Isaac Ditmars' gravestone, Clementsport, NS (e)


Elizabeth (Edwards) Haskell gravestone, Beverly, MA (e)
Bethiah (Eldredge) Russell's gravestone, New Bedford, MA (s)
Benjamin Ellinwood's gravestone, Beverly, MA
Ebenezer Ellinwood's gravestone, Beverly, MA
Ezra Ellingwood's gravestone, Beverly, MA
John Ellinwood's DAR plaque


Elizabeth Fowler's gravestone, Clementsport, NS (e)


Abraham Gesner's gravestone, Belleisle, NS (e)
Horatia Nelson (Gesner) Ditmars' gravestone, Clementsport, NS (e)


Robert Hancock's gravestone, Brooklyn, NY (si)
Elizabeth (Haskell) Ellingwood's gravestone, Beverly, MA (e)
Nathaniel Haskell's gravestone, Beverly, MA (e)
Samuel Haskell's gravestone, Beverly, MA (e)
Abel Holbrook's gravestone, Providence, RI (s)
Sarah Smith (Hopkins) Holbrook's gravestone, Providence, RI (s)
Uriah Hopkins' gravestone, Providence, RI (s)
Sarah (Hosmer) How's gravestone, Marlborough, MA (s)
Eleazar How's gravestone, Marlborough, MA, (all Hows are Smith side)
Ezekiel How's gravestone, Shrewsbury, MA
Gershom How's gravestone, Marlborough, MA
Hannah (How) How's gravestone, Marlborough, MA
Thomas How's gravestone (the younger), Marlborough, MA
Thomas How's gravestone (the elder), Marlborough, MA
Judith Howland's gravestone, New Bedford, MA (s)


Cornelius Jenne's gravestone, Dartmouth, MA, as it exists, digitally restored (s)
Elizabeth (Jenney) Briggs' gravestone, Fairhaven, MA (s)


Hannah (Landers) Jenne/Jennings' gravestone, Fairhaven, MA (s)
Josiah Lovett, Jr.'s gravestone, Beverly, MA (e)
Josiah and Rebecca (Woodberry) Lovett's gravestones, Beverly, MA (e)


Mrs. Mary Mellen's gravestone, Framingham, MA (e)
Simon Mellen's gravestone, Framingham, MA (e)


Henry Neal's gravestone, Quincy, MA (s)


Anna (Palgrave) Woodbury's gravestone, Beverly, MA (e)
Ann (Pownal) Hancock's gravestone, Brooklyn, NY (si)


Edward Rice's gravestone, Marlborough, MA (s)
George Russell's gravestone, Hingham, MA (s)
Humphry Russell's gravestone, New Bedford, MA (s)
Joseph Russell's gravestone, New Bedford, MA (s)
Rebecca (Russell) Thornton's gravestone, New Bedford, MA (s)
Jane (?) Russell's gravestone, Hingham, MA (s)


Margaret (Sallows) Thissell's gravestone, Beverly, MA (e)
Elizabeth (Stream) Holbrook's gravestone, Weymouth, MA (s)
Elizabeth (Steadman) Gesner's gravestone, Belleisle, NS (e)


James Thissell's gravestone, Beverly, MA (e)
Margaret (Thissell) Haskell's gravestone, Beverly, MA (e)
Elisha Thornton's gravestone (d. 1816), New Bedford, MA (s)
Elisha Thornton's gravestone (d. 1854), New Bedford, MA (s)
Mary (Thornton) Briggs' gravestone, Brooklyn, NY (s)


Jannetje (Vroom) Ditmars Vroom's gravestone, Clementsport, NS (e), as is and partially digitally restored
Vyse monument,1, 2, William B. Vyse, Mary Anne (Green)Vyse, Elizabeth (Vyse) Ross, Sarah (Vyse) Culligan, Brooklyn, NY (si)


Thomas West's gravestone (e)
Josiah Whitcomb's gravestone (s)
Louisa (White) Cunningham's gravestone, Richfield, NY
Nicholas Woodbury's gravestone (e)

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