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     Ann died in Ramsgate, England. Her daughter Eliza Adey and her family were living there at the time, and Ann had probably moved there after Thomas died. Genealogical notes made by Robert Keating Smith, one of Thomas and Ann's great great grandsons, call her Ann "Woodruff." She may have been the daughter of Isaac Woodroffe, who with his wife Esther had a daughter Ann baptised three days after Mrs. Ann Gooch is said in a family Bible to have been born. The baptism was in Uggeshall, making this connection even more plausible.

children of Ann Woodroffe and Thomas Gooch:

i. Albert/Alfred Woodroffe, b. 10 January 1790 (from a Bible record - this and his baptism call him Albert, but later sources call him Alfred)
ii. Juliana, b. 13 Oct 1790, bap. 17 April 1792, St. James, Clerkenwell
iii. Horace Gooch
iv. Louisa Ann, b. 25 May 1793, bap. 1 July 1798, Spa Fields Lady Huntingdon's, Clerkenwell
v. Caroline, b. 12 February 1795 (Bible)
vi. Charles, b. 14 December 1798, bap. 5 January 1799, Spa Fields
vii. Emily, b. 16 January 1800, bap. 7 April 1802, Spa Fields
viii. Thomas, b. 25 February 1801, bap. 7 April 1802, Spa Fields
ix. Maria, b. 16 March 1802, bap. 7 April 1802, Spa Fields
x. Henry, b. 19 July 1804, bap. 17 February 1809, St. James
xi. Eliza Ann, b. 15 August 1807, bap. 11 April 1809, St. James
xii. Ann, b. 12 December 1808 (Bible)
xiii. Edward Frederick, b. 6 January 1812 (Bible)

vital records sources: Her birth, marriage and death day and month are in a family Bible in the possession of Patrick Verdier. Her death is reported in The Times of London, issue of 21 September 1832. If she was the daughter of Isaac and Esther Woodroffe who was baptised in Uggeshall, England, she was likely also born there.

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