All names are linked to a chart. "Bio" indicates that there is a biography page for them. Women are alphabetized by their maiden names.


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Abigail (Bachelder) Woodberry,
Hannah (Bachelder) Corning,
John Bachelder, from dau. Hannah &
John Bachelder, from dau. Abigail
Daniel Bacon, Jr.,
Daniel Bacon, Sr.,
John Bacon,
Tabitha (Bacon) Glover,
Marie (Badie) Ferdon,
Thomas Badie,
Abigail (Balch) Larcom,
Benjamin Balch,
John Balch,
Mercy (Barden) Miller,
William Barden,
Deborah (Barker) Barden,
John Barker,
Antipas Bartlett,
Daniel Bartlett,
Henry Bartlett,
Jonas Bartlett I,
Jonas Bartlett II,
Jotham Bartlett,
Lucy (Bartlett) Bartlett,
Mariana (Bartlett) Briggs,
Perley Bartlett,
Mary (Bassett) Redding,
William Bassett,
Caleb Bates,
Joseph Bates,
Mary (Bates) Leavitt,
David Beal,
Elizabeth (Beal) Cunningham, , ,
Jacob Beal,
John Beal,
Joshua Beal, ,
Daniel Benedict, ,
John Benedict I, ,
John Benedict II, ,
John Benedict III, ,
Phoebe (Benedict) Hoyt, ,
Thomas Benedict, ,
Mary (Bennett) Smith,
Hans Hansz Bergen,
Jannetje (Bergen) Vroom,
Joris Hansz Bergen,
Elisha Bisbee,
Mary (Bisbee) Beal,
Desire (Blackwell) Jenne, , ,
Joanna (Blessing) Town,
Ellen (Booth) Henderson,
Robert Booth,
Dinah (Bouton) Benedict, ,
John Bouton, Jr., ,
John Bouton, Sr., ,
Joseph Bouton, ,
Hannah (Bowker) How, , ,
John Bowker
Elizabeth (Boyce) Hanson
Joseph Boyce
Benjamin Brady, ,
Elizabeth Ann (Brady) Hoyt, ,
James Brady, ,
Patience (Brewster) Prence
William Brewster
Mary (Bridgham) Benedict,
Clement Briggs, bio
Ebenezer Briggs, bio
Harriet (Scott Briggs) Smith, bio
John Briggs (son of Jonathan), bio
John Briggs (son of Ebenezer), bio
John Briggs (1753-1842), bio
John Briggs (1788-1853), bio
two lines of descent: Jonathan Briggs from son John &
Jonathan Briggs from son Ebenezer, bio
Luther Jenney Briggs, Sr., bio
Luther Jenney Briggs,
Margaret (Briggs) Redding, bio
Barbara (Brotchie) Dunnet
Mary (Briscoe) Broughton
Edward Broughton
George Broughton
Sarah (Broughton) White
Thomas Broughton
Adolphus Brouwer,
Femmetje (Brouwer) Gesner,
Nicolaes Brouwer,
Benjamin Burgess from dau. Phebe &
Benjamin Burgess from son Joseph
Elizabeth (Burgess) Landers
Joseph Burgess
Phebe (Burgess) Howard
Thomas Burgess
Hannah (Burt) Hathaway
James Burt
John Bush
Mary (Bush) Bartlett
Ann (Busby) Nickerson (twice - see William Nickerson)
Elisha Busby
Deliverance (Byram) Porter
Nicholas Byram