All names are linked to a chart. "Bio" indicates that there is a biography page for them. Women are alphabetized by their maiden names.


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Jannetje (Calyer) Brouwer,
Jochem Calyer,
Juriaen Calyer,
Sarah (Carey) Jenne
Mary (Carter) Lancaster,
Thomas Carter, ,
Edmund Chandler
Lydia (Chandler) Higgins
Catherine (Clark) Sinclair
Margaret (Coghill) Dunnet
Daniel Cole 1
Daniel Cole 2
Eleanor (Cole) Young Jenne
Timothy Cole
Ann (Collins?) King
Benjamin Congdon 1,
Benjamin Congdon 2,
Benjamin Congdon 3,
Frances (Congdon) Steadman,
Elizabeth (Corning) Ellinwood, , ,
Ezra Corning,
John Corning,
Samuel Corning, Jr.,
Samuel Corning, Sr.,
Elizabeth (Covell) Eldredge
Nathaniel Covell
Rebecca Redman (Cox) Brady,
David Cunningham, ,
David Beale Cunningham, , , ,
Horatia Blanche (Cunningham) Ellingwood, , ,
John Cunningham(I), , ,
John Cunningham (II), , , and
Robert Cunningham, , ,
Benjamin Curtis,
Lydia (Curtis) House,
William Curtis,