All names are linked to a chart. "Bio" indicates that there is a biography page for them. Women are alphabetized by their maiden names.


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Mary (Dagon) Keating
Mary (Davenport?) Maxfield
Jonathan Delano
Nathaniel Delano
Philippe Delannois/Delanoy
Sarah (Delano) Eldredge
Mary (Denmand) Maxfield
Mary (Denton) Protheroe?
Teunis Denysz
Douwe Ditmars
Douwe Isaac Ditmars
Horatia (Jane Ditmars) Cunningham, bio
Isaac Ditmars
John Henry Ditmars
Edward Dix/Deekes
Mary (Dix) Rice
Sarah (Dixy) Gale
Wiliam Dixy
Anna (Dodge) Edwards
Edward Dodge
Hannah (Dodge) Woodberry
Hannah (Dodge) Woodberry (wife of Ebenezer)
John Dodge
Mary (Dodge?) Ellinwood
Mary (Dodge) Woodberry
Richard Dodge
Samuel Dodge
William Dodge from dau. Hannah &
William Dodge from dau. Mary?
Frances (Dungan) Holden
Donald Dunnet, bio
Jacobina (Dunnet) Sinclair, bio
James Dunnet (father of Jacobina), bio
James Dunnet (father of Donald), bio
James Dunnet (father of James of Donald)
Margaret Lois (Dunnet) Sinclair, bio