All names are linked to a chart. "Bio" indicates that there is a biography page for them. Women are alphabetized by their maiden names.


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Anthony Eames from daughter Millicent &
Anthony Eames from dau. Ann
Millicent (Eames) Sprague
Bethia (Eldredge) Russell,
Elnathan Eldredge,
Isaiah Eldredge,
Jehosephat Eldredge
William Eldredge
Elizabeth (Edwards) Haskell
John Edwards I
John Edwards II
John Edwards III
Rice Edwards
Benjamin Ellinwood, bio
Charles Henry Ellingwood, bio
Charles Hoyt Ellingwood, bio
Ebenezer Ellinwood, bio
Eleanor (Ellinwood) Woodberry, bio
Ezra Ellingwood, bio
John Ellingwood, bio
Ralph Ellinwood, bio
Virginia (Ellingwood) Smith Carpenter, bio
William Ellinwood, bio