All names are linked to a chart. "Bio" indicates that there is a biography page for them. Women are alphabetized by their maiden names.


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Abigail (Gale) Glover
Edmund Gale
Lydia (Gamer) Turner
Sarah (Gardner) Balch
Thomas Gardner
Priscilla (Gatchell) Burgess (twice - see Joseph Burgess)
Samuel Gatchell
Thomas Gatchell
Judith (Gater) Perkins
Elizabeth (George/Gorges) Reith
Abraham Gesner, bio
Horatia (Nelson Gesner) Ditmars
Johan Hendrick Gessiner
John Henry Gesner
Elizabeth (Gill) Stodder
Thomas Gill
Charles Glover
Daniel Glover
John Glover
Jonathan Glover, Jr.
Jonathan Glover, Sr.

Hannah (Glover) Ellingwood, bio
Anna Amelia (Gooch) Smith, bio
John Gooch
Horace Gooch, bio
Thomas Gooch, bio

Mary (Gorton) Greene Sanford
Samuel Gorton
Elizabeth (Green) Read
Elizabeth (Greene?) Sweet
Hannah (Greene) Vinton
John Greene
John Green (of Salem)
Mary (Greene) Sweet
Mary Ann (Green) Vyse, bio

Thomas Greene? (of Warwick)
Thomas Greene, Jr. (of Malden)
Thomas Greene, Sr. (of Malden)
Jachin Gregory
John Gregory
Henry Gregory
Mary (Gregory) Bouton
Phebe (Gregory) Benedict
Mary (Guppy) Glover
Reuben Guppy