All names are linked to a chart. "Bio" indicates that there is a biography page for them. Women are alphabetized by their maiden names.


key: = chart, = biographical information, = potrait (photo or otherwise), = gravestone photo, = military

Margaret (Hancock) Vyse, bio
Robert Hancock, bio
Ann (Hanson) Read
Benjamin Hanson
Tobias Hanson
Benjamin Haskell, bio
Elizabeth (Haskell) Ellingwood, bio
Samuel Haskell, bio
Mark Haskell, bio
Mary (Haskell) Dodge
Nathaniel Haskell, bio
Robert Haskell, bio
William Haskell, bio
Charity (Hathaway) Briggs
John Hathaway
Nicholas Hathaway
Thomas Hathaway
Ebenezer Hayden
Hannah (Hayden) Holbrook
John Hayden
Nehemiah Hayden
Sarah (Hayward) Prescott
George Hayward
Elizabeth (Hawkins) Smith
John Hawkins
William Hawkins
Abigail (Henderson) Glover
John Henderson
Tryntje (Hendricksz) Pietersz
Jonathan Higgins
Richard Higgins
Sarah (Higgins) Mitchell
Esther (Hilliard) Bates
William Hilliard
Joseph Hills
Rebecca (Hills) Greene
Edmund Hobart
Josiah Hobart
Sarah (Hobart/Hubbard) Cole
Abel Holbrook, bio
David Holbrook, bio
Harriet Smith (Holbrook) Bartlett, bio
Ichabod Holbrook, elder, bio
Ichabod Holbrook, younger, bio
John Holbrook
Nathaniel Holbrook, bio
Thomas Holbrook
Randall Holden
Sarah (Holden) Stafford
John Hollis, Sr.
John Hollis, Jr.
Mary (Hollis) Hayden
Abigail (Hooper) Edwards
William Hooper, Jr.
William Hooper, Sr.
Amos Hopkins
Sarah Smith (Hopkins) Holbrook, bio
Thomas Hopkins, Sr.
Thomas Hopkins, Jr.
Uriah Hopkins, bio
James Hosmer
Sarah (Hosmer) How, bio
Deborah (House) White
Joseph House
Samuel House, Jr.
Samuel House, Sr.
Samuel House III
Edward Howard?
Matthew Howard, Sr.
Matthew Howard, Jr.
Phebe (Howard) Jenne/Jennings
Abraham How (multiple times)
Eleazar How from dau. Martha &
Eleazar How from son Gershom
, bio
Elizabeth (How) Bartlett, bio
Ezekial How, bio
Gershom How, bio
Hannah (How) How, bio
John How (multiple times), bio
Martha (How) Bartlett, bio
Mary (How) Bowker, bio
Miraim (How) Bartlett, bio
Thomas How, Sr., bio
Thomas How, Jr., bio
Barnabus Howland, bio
Benjamin Howland, bio
Henry Howland
Judith (Howland) Russell, bio
Zoeth Howland, bio
Caleb Hoyt, bio
David Hoyt, bio
Eveline Amelia (Hoyt) Ellingwood, bio
Joseph Hoyt, Jr., bio
Joseph Hoyt, Sr., bio
Simon Hoyt, bio
Walter Hoyt, bio
William Henry Hoyt, bio
Zerubbabel Hoyt, bio