All names are linked to a chart. "Bio" indicates that there is a biography page for them. Women are alphabetized by their maiden names.


key: = chart, = biographical information, = potrait (photo or otherwise), = gravestone photo

Jannetje (de Rapalje) Jansz (Vanderbeek, etc)
Joris de Raparlier/Rapalje (twice)
Judith (de Rapalje) van Niest
Sarah (de Rapalje) Bergen Bogart
Susannah (Raven) Merriam Edward Rawson
Perne (Rawson) Broughton
Anna (Read) Thornton
Jacob Read
John Read
Jonathan Read
Mary (Read) Bacon
Thomas Read
Ebenezer Redding, Sr.
Ebenezer Redding, Jr.
Hannah (Redding) Briggs Poole
Thomas Redding
John Redding
Jan Remsen
Jeremias Remsen
Marritje (Remsen) Ditmars
Rem Remsen
Sara (Remsen) Vroom
Edmund Rice
Edward Rice
Elizabeth (Rice) How
Mary (Rice) White
Samuel Rice
Thomas Rice
John Rockwell
Mehitable (Rockwell) Keeler
Hannah (Rogers) Higgins
Thomas Rogers
Bethiah (Root) Lovett
Josiah Rootes , bio
George Russell
Humphry Russell, bio
John Russell
Joseph Russell I (twice),bio
Joseph Russell II, bio
Joseph Russell III, bio
Mary (Russell) Lapham
Patience (Russell) Macvarlo
Rebecca (Russell) Thornton, bio

Annetje (Ruys) Snediker