All names are linked to a chart. "Bio" indicates that there is a biography page for them. Women are alphabetized by their maiden names.


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Matthias St. John/Sention
Mercy (St. John) Lockwood
John Sallows
Margaret (Sallows) Thissell
Michael Sallows
Robert Sallows Judith (Sampson) Howland
Abigail (Sanford) Farnum
John Sanford
Mary (Sanford) Delano
Richard Sanford
Robert Sanford
Thomas Sanford
Mary (Sawyer) Wilder
Thomas Sawyer
John Sayles
Phebe (Sayles) Denysz
Lammetje (Seuberingh) Stryker
Lois (Shafter) White
James Shafter
Joseph Silvester
Mary (Silvester) Curtis
Richard Silvester
Catherine (Simonds) Town
Richard Simonds Alfred Edward Sinclair, Sr., bio
Alfred Edward Sinclair, Jr.
Angus Sinclair
Barbara Catherine Sinclair, bio
Peter C. Sinclair, bio
William Sinclear
Ann (Sinclear) Cunningham
Elizabeth (Skelton) Sanford
William Skelton
Giles Slocum
Mary (Slocum) Tucker
Christopher Smith from son Edward &
Christopher Smith from son Thomas
Edward Smith
Eleanor (Smith) Arnold
Franklin Stoddart Smith II, bio
George Robert Keating Smith , bio
John Smith (O’Gowan)
John Smith the Mason, Sr.
two lines of descent: John Smith the Mason, Jr. from dau. Eleanor &
John Smith the Mason, Jr. from dau. Mary
John Bennett Smith
Joseph Smith (son of Thomas of Smithfield)
Marion (Smith) Stoddart
Mary (Smith) Hopkins
Mary (Smith) Town
Ralph Smith
Robert Smith
Ruth (Smith) Cole
Ruth (Smith) Thornton
Sarah (Smith) Hopkins
Stanton McMasters Smith, bio
two lines of descent: Thomas Smith (son of Edward of Smithfield)
Thomas Smith (son of Christopher of Smithfield)
Catryntje (Snediker) Ditmars
Gerrit Snediker
Isaac Snediker
Jan Snediker
Mary (Sprague) King
William Sprague
John Solart
Mary (Solart) Edwards
Michael Spencer
Susannah (Spencer) Bacon
Frances (Stafford) Congdon
Joseph Stafford
Thomas Stafford
Jane (Standlake) White
Elizabeth (Steadman) Gesner
John Steadman 1
John Steadman 2
Thomas Steadman 1
Thomas Steadman 2
Dinah (Steere) Thornton
John Steere
Lydia (Stevenson) Hoyt
Ann Amelia (Stoddart) Gooch
James Stoddart
John Stoddart
Robert Stoddart
Elizabeth (Stodder) Joy
John Stodder
Samuel Stodder
Eytje (Stryker)Probasko
Jan Stryker (twice)
Sytie (Stryker) Bergen
Benoni Sweet
Elizabeth (Sweet) Congdon
James Sweet
John Sweet
Dorothy (Symonds) Fisk