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     This page isn't a comprehensive biography of John Jenne, although it will be in the future. I will note here now that the claims that John was the son of Henry and Mary Smyth/Smythe/Smith are incorrect. This has gained credibility only from repetition, and isn't based on careful research. There are several published versions of the visitations of Norfolkshire. These visitations were an attempt to update and confirm the legitimacy of the gentry in their claims to bear arms. Many researchers have appeared to confuse this with an account of all people of any given surname in a given region, when in fact it includes a small fraction of the population. The closest we will ever come to that is parish church records, many of which have yet to be indexed and some of which no longer exist for the period in which John was born. In an abridged version of a compilation of the Norfolk visitations, a couple named Henry and Mary (Smith) Jenney of Gressingham are mentioned as having a son named John, also of Gressingham. An English burial date for him is evidence enough that he didn't emigrate from England. The unabridged version of the Visitation of Norfolk in the year 1563, volume I (Norwich:1878), which includes archival research updating the families noted in 1563, has a more detailed account of this family on page 135. John Jenney's family is outlined, including a wife and children. He was clearly a different person than the man who went to Leyden and Plymouth. Sadly, thanks to easy proliferation of bad inforamtion on the internet, many Jenney researchers consider this a proven ancestry for the immigrant John. While his marriage record at Leyden says he was from Norwich (not "Norfolk") there is no other indication of his origins in any record yet found.

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