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     Elizabeth's family undoubtedly was living in County Meath for generations before her. Her daughter Georgina married her cousin Dr. William Dyas, but what their relation was exactly isn't known. William Dyas' genealogy has been traced several generations before him in that area. George R. K. Smith mentions various members of the Dyas family in Kells in his reminiscences of Ireland, although none as relatives. Dyases appear in other Kells area records in the 19th century, but there are few records available that might reveal who Elizabeth's parents were, given her birth in the mid 18th century.
     There is a claim that "Dyas" is a form of "Diaz," and that they were "Black Irish," having Spanish descent. The concept of the "Black Irish" in that context is a myth. There is no evidence of a significant Spanish impact on Irish genetics, and the reasons cited for a possible Spanish influence (the Spanish Armada being the most common) have been discredited by scholarship. Also, the Dyas family can be found in Irish records long before the Armada.

children of Elizabeth Dyas and Walter Keating:(4)

Elizabeth Sophia, b. abt. 1764
George, b. abt. 1766
John, b. abt. 1775
Thomas, b. abt 1778
Margaret, b. abt 1782
Robert, b. abt 1784
Henry, b. abt 1789
Richard (age 10-17 in 1803)

sources for vital records: Elizabeth's death is found on a family memorial in the Protestant churchyard at Kells, with her age at death. Information from the gravestone was transcribed by Robert Keating Smith in 1803 and is now in the collection of Patrick Verdier.

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