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     There is a record of a Nathaniel Masterton in a Plymouth, Massachusetts, court record dated 7 November 1643. It is not a detailed reference, but it involved a deposition, suggesting but not proving he was an adult. Nathaniel of Manchester, MA and Wells, ME would not have been, but he is referred to as Nathaniel Masterson in various Salem/Manchester records, as well as Masters. John Pickworth was of Salem but apparently went to Plymouth to marry in 1631 (why??), according to a letter of Gov. Bradford dated February of 1632. He was back in Salem when he and his wife Ann (no last name on record) joined the church there. Nathaniel was in New London in 1650 and he "fornicated" with Ruth Pickworth in "Pequott Harbor" (New London) before April of 1654, probably not much before. Why was Ruth in New London and not Salem? John Pickworth had been given land in New London in 1651 which he eventually forfeited from lack of settlement on it. Cary Latham, son-in-law of John Masters of Cambridge was there at the same time.
     His grandson Nathaniel Masters was granted permission by the York County Superior Court on 24 August 1715 to sell his grandfather's real estate in the town of Wells, Maine, including a 100 acre farm and orchard "on Ogunquit side."(1) The farm was given to Nathaniel, Sr., by the town of Wells in 1666. Other parcels sold were a piece of salt marsh and an island of thatch, all at or near Wells harbor, and a "fresh meadow," probably referring to a fresh water marsh, known as "Masters Meadow." There was a Nathaniel Masters whose estate was probated on 5 July 1708 in Manchester, file #17833. children of Nathaniel and Ruth (Pickworth) Masters:

i. Abraham, b. abt. 1660

1. Essex Institute Historical Collections, Vol. 36 (Salem:1900), p. 157.

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