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     Nathaniel probably lived his entire life in Manchester. When he married Hannah, Manchester was still part of the parish based in Beverly. He was received in full communion there on 29 April 1716,(1) and on 21 October following the records show that Nathaniel and others from Manchester who had joined the same day were then dismissed to form the church in Manchester. Their children's births are recorded at Manchester. Baptisms for them first appear in 1722, but they are spotty. There is no evidence found that they were baptized in Beverly. Hannah isn't recorded as a member of the Beverly church. Nathaniel was the administrator for the estate of his grandfather Nathaniel. He was granted permission by the York County Superior Court on 24 August 1715 to sell his grandfather's real estate in the town of Wells, Maine, including a 100 acre farm and orchard "on Ogunquit side."(2) The farm was given to Nathaniel, Sr., by the town of Wells in 1666. Other parcels sold were a piece of salt marsh and an island of thatch, all at or near Wells harbor, and a "fresh meadow," probably referring to a fresh water marsh, known as "Masters Meadow." His estate was probated on 18 December 1738, file #17834, called "gentleman," and "shoreman."

children of Nathaniel and Hannah (Woodbury) Masters:()

i. Hannah, b. 8 May 1717
ii. Elizabeth, b. 23 June 1718, d. 2 August 1718
iii. Nathaniel, b. 16 December 1719
iv. Abigail, bap. 10 December 1721
v. Elizabeth, bap. 14 October 1722 (called twin)
vi. Ruth, bap. 14 October 1722 (called twin)
vii. Samuel, b. 16 January 1723/1724
viii. Ruth, b. 6 November 1725, d. bet. births of Sarah and Ruth 2nd
ix. Sarah, b. 26 November 1727
x. Ruth, b. 4 September 1729
xi. Benjamin, b. 22 August 1731
xii. Joseph, bap. 24 December 1732
xiii. Andrew, b. 7 March 1735
xiv. Elizabeth, bap. 6 March 1736/1737

sources for vital records: His birth and death are recorded in Vital Records of Manchester, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849 (Salem:1903), p. 91 and 276 respectively. His death is a gravestone transcription, which erroneously interpreted the year as 1758. He was in his 47th year, meaning he would turn 47 on his next birthday. This confirms Nathaniel's birth in 1692 and death in 1738. His marriage is from Vital Records of Beverly, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849, Vol. II (Topsfield:1907), p. 207, "both of Manchester."

1. Essex Institute Historical Collections, Vol. 36 (Salem:1900), p. 157. Vital Records of Manchester, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849 (Salem:1903), pp. 89-91, 276.

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