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Taken from the Jannetje Vroom Bible in the museum of Old St. Edward's Church


children of Sara Remsen and Abraham Voorhees:

i. Cornelis, bap. 18 November 1739, m. Marritje Ditmars (his stepsister)
ii. Antje
iii. Hilletje, b. 27 August 1746 (from a Stoothoff family Bible), m. Willhelmus Stoothoff

child of Sara Remsen and Jores Vroom:

iv. Jannetje, b. 1 October 1755

vital records sources: The Reformed Dutch Church of New York has the record of her second marriage, "persons with license," "George Vroom & Sarah Voorhees, wed." meaning widow. They were engaged on 2 September and married the next day.

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