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      His estate papers papers call him a miller and a resident of the Ryal Side neighborhood of Beverly.(1)

From John Woodbury and Some of his Descendants:

      "Administration of Ebenezer's estate was given to Hannah on 1 July 1714. In his inventory are mentioned, a gristmill, dwelling house and barn in Salem; 3 ½ acres land, partly in Salem and partly in Beverly; an old dwelling house; small barn and 8 acres fresh meadow in Beverly. He was a miller and lived on Rial Side. He owned land on both sides of the stream then called Mill river. 12 October 1702 he bought of his father-in-law John Dodge, jr. (son of William) "all his grist and corn mills in Salem, with 3 ½ acres land adjoining, 2 acres of which lay in Salem, bounded on widow King, and east by Mill river, and the other l ½ acres being all my (Dodge's) land, there lying in Beverly bounded on said Mill river, my salt marsh and Moses Gauge."
     Dec. 20, 1708, Ebenezer Woodbury, Salem, miller; Nathaniel Waldron, Wenham, bricklayer; William Dodge, jr., Beverly, maltster, and Jona. Rayment, Beverly, yeoman, all administrators of the estate of William Dodge, Beverly, deceased, lease to Jona. Dodge, Salem, for 7 years after April 1 next, the home living which was formerly Capt. John Dodge's, now belonging to the children of said William Dodge, deceased, partly in Beverly and in Salem, containing 54 acres, with house, barn and mills, being all set out in a deed of gift from Capt. John Dodge, to said William Dodge. Also 4 acres of fresh meadow and 3 acres land in Proctor's Island, Chebacco [now Essex, MA, formerly part of Ipswich]."
     June 7, 1710, he was 43 years of age when he made deposition, that he was presented Oct., 1702, at Capt John Dodge’s house, and was witness to the transaction between said John Dodge and his son William and set his hand as witness to the deed and said William gave a deed back to his father or his. brother Jonathan, as his father desired 11 acres land in Beverly and also surrendered a dwelling house to said father or brother Jonathan for him which he had built on a piece of land his father had given him by word of mouth."

No contemporary information in public records was recorded about his burial, but it is speculated (only) by a contributor at that he was buried in the North Beverly Cemetery in Dodge's Row.

Children of Ebenezer and Hannah (Dodge) Woodbury:

i. Hannah, b. 27 February 1690/91
ii. Abigail , b. 1 July 1692
iii. Sarah, b. 29 July 1694
iv. Elizabeth, bap. 20 July 1696
v. Mary, bap. 16 October 1698
vi. Martha, bap. 23 August 1702
vii. Ruth, bap. 23 August 1702
viii. Priscilla, bap. 13 January 1703 (/1704?)
ix. Mehitable, b. 2 September 1705
x. Ebenezer, b. 8 August 1708
xi. John, b. 21 September 1712
xii. Jerusha, b. 21 September 1712

vital records sources: Ebenezer's baptism record is from Record of the First Church, Salem, his marriage is in Vital Records of Beverly, Massachusetts to the Year 1859, vol. 2 (Salem: 1907), p. 81. They were married by Justice Jonathan Corwin of Salem. Recorded as "Ed: Woodbury" in Records of the First Church in Beverly, Massachusetts, 1667-1772 (Salem: 1905), p. 39.

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