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     Thomas and Elizabeth were married by Justice John Hathorne several years before he served as judge at the Salem witchcraft trials and accelerated the hysteria associated with them by encouraging accusers and ordering the execution of the accused regardless of evidence.

children of Thomas and Hannah (Dodge) Woodbury:(p. 371

i. William
ii. Samuel b. 1665/1666, d. 18 April 1689 (ERTB, p. 72, age abt 23)
iii. Thomas b. 5 May 1667 (no first name, SVR p. 441), bap. 3 July 1667
iv. Israel bap. 29 May 1670 (BVR p. 392)
v. Hannah bap. 25 February 1671/1672 (BVR p. 392)
vi. Elizabeth bap. 6 February 1675/1676 (BVR p. 392)

viii. Susannah b. 20 January 1679,(no first name, ERTB p. 6) bap. 7 March 1679/1680 (BVR)
ix. Jonathan

child of Thomas and Elizabeth:

x. Samuel b. 2 February 1690/1691 (ERTB p. 26)

vital records sources: Thomas' first marriage comes from the Salem vital records. His second marriage is from Early Records of the Town of Beverly, etc., vol. 1 (Eben Putnam, Boston:1907), p. 62, 28 April 1690, by John "Hathorn." His will was proved on 20 April 1719, suggesting he died the previous winter.

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