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There are no records of the births or baptisms of Hannah and her siblings. She is said to have been born anywhere between about 1650 and 1655, which is plausible, but I posit that she was born about 1650 based on a careful look at when her children may have been born.

The order of Hannah and John's children's births:

     Due to the lack of birth records and more obvious clues that help date someone's birth, John and Hannah's children have been listed somewhat randomly in most biographical works. The chronology I've chosen is based on John's will and whatever other clues I've found. The will is important. It was customary in New England in the 17th and 18th centuries, at least, to make bequests and to mention children by order of birth, but usually separated by gender. It was the norm, but not the rule. John's sons were named in this order: Jacob, Isaac, John (deceased), Ephraim and Thomas. The daughters were Hannah, Sarah, Martha, Abigail and Experience. Arranging them merged is more of a guess. Where marriage dates are available, it shows the daughters probably married later in life than the norm. The last children born of Abigail and Experience suggest they were at the end of their natural maternity period and supports that they were the last of the daughters. Hannah was married early enough for her to have been the first-born daughter, maybe the first-born child. Jacob and Isaac were favored by their father with his real estate, either by sale or in his will, placing them as the oldest sons. Ephraim and Thomas married in 1717 and 1719, later than any of the other sons, and their wives were born in the 1690s. This all supports the idea of chronological order in the probate list, and I see no reason not to order them this way by birth. I put Sarah's birth after John's. In 1714 she married a man born in 1685. My list suggests a 1683 birth, with some leeway granted since two years between births is an estimate, so 1684 is possible even with my birth order. It was more common for first wives to be the same age or younger than first husbands at this time, but given they were in their late 20s, Sarah being one or two years older doesn't raise a red flag.
      Jacob was evidently born about 1675. If Hannah had a child every two years on average up to Ephraim, as was the norm, his birth was about 1691. Normally there was a gap in fertility of about five years or slightly less for women giving birth between aged between about 40 and 45. If this was the case for Hannah, it makes sense that her last child, Thomas, was born about 1695. His wife was born in 1695. This shifts slightly if Hannah, Jr., was born about 1673, but not enough to change my chosen order.

children of Hannah Burt and John Hathway:

i. or ii. Jacob b. abt 1675
i. or ii. Hannah b. abt 1673-1677
iii. Isaac b. abt 1679
iv. John b. abt 1681-1683
v. Sarah b. abt 1681-1683
vi. Martha b. abt 1685
vii. Abigail b. abt 1687 (had last child 1732, previous child 1727)
viii. Experience b. abt 1689 (last child b. abt 1732)
ix. Ephraim b.abt 1691 (m. 1717 to wife b. abt 1697)
x. Thomas b. abt 1695

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