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Jonathan has an extensive probate file.1 From the documents in it, his death can be placed in the first two weeks of February 1736. Two are particularly important. One is a bill to the estate for "making morning." Below this are specified "jackets & breeches" for Jonathan's sons (excepting Jonathan, Jr., who presumably had died) in February 1735. "Morning" undoubtedly means mourning, since his sons were adults otherwise capable of buying their own clothes. Mourning clothes, if family members didn't already have something suitable, were commonly paid for out of an estate if it could afford it. Commonly they were accessories such as handkerchiefs and gloves, but also gowns for the women. It likely depended on what level of dress was anticipated for the funeral. No other mourning clothes are itemized in the probate file. This may only mean that the sons didn't have presentable suits for the occasion.
     February 1735 is an Old Style date (according to the Julian Calendar, which changed to the current Gregorian calendar in 1752). In the Old Style or Julian calendar, the year ended on 24 March. To avoid confusion with the Gregorian calendar, which had already been adopted in other countries, dates between 1 January and 24 March were often double-dated (1735/1736). When the double date is omitted, the year has to be determined with circumstantial evidence. Jonathan is shown by other documents in the estate file to have been alive as late as October 1735, necessitating that the clothes were made in February 1735/1736. A receipt dated 11 February 1735 acknowledges payment for a hat from the estate. So the mourning clothes were made in February 1736 (Gregorian), and the estate of Jonathan, deceased, is mentioned as early as 11 February 1736, indicating he died within the first two weeks of that month.

children of Jonathan Glover and Abigail Henderson:2

i. Abigail, b. 23 November 16(99?) record damaged
ii. Mary, b. 18 January 1700/01
iii. Jonathan, b. 14 December 17023
iv. Benjamin, b. 7 September 1704
v. Joseph, b. 27 June 1706
vi. David, b. 9 January 1707/08

vital records sources: Jonathan's birth and marriage are in Vital Records of Salem, Massachusetts to the end of the year 1849, vol. 1 (Births) (Salem: The Essex Institute, 1916), 359, and ibid, vol. 2 (Salem: The Essex Institute, 1924) 421.

1. Essex Co., MA, probate file #11029.
2. Vital records of Salem, Massachusetts to the end of the year 1849, Vol. I (Births) (Salem:Essex Institute, 1916), pp. 358-360.
3. Jonathan's birth record doesn't name his parents, but he is called a nephew in the will of one of John Glover's brothers.

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