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Benjamin's signature from two receipts in the probate estate file of Nathaniel Marsters dated
1739 and 1740. He spelled his name "Haskoll," as did his father, which was a transitional mode
between the earlier "Hascoll" and the standard "Haskell" later in the 18th century.

In December 1741 Benjamin was chosen to serve on the jury of the Essex County Court of Common Pleas for late December 1741.1 Referred to as "Benja Harskill," he was chosen a "howord" (hogwarden) for Manchester in March 1742/43.2 He died of unknown causes about the age of 29. He was alive on 30 May 1745, when he is mentioned in a petition of his wife for a division and settlement of her father Nathaniel Marster's estate,3 from which she was a beneficiary. Benjamin personally was paid by the Marsters estate several times on the account of a "fishing voyage" that Marsters somehow owed him, one was for £35, 6 shillings and the other £18, 17 shillings, 2 pence. A similar receipt is signed by Thomas Pitman, who was given £12 15 shillings and £15 in bills of credit. Nathaniel Marsters is described in his probate file as a housewright in one document, when he signed a promissory note to his father, and as a shoreman, when his widow's dower was divided about 40 years later. More detailed information is needed to explain why his estate owned several men on accounts related to shipping. Col. Robert Hale's very cryptic and vague notes on deaths in Beverly probably indicate Benjamin had died by 10 December 1746.4

children of Benjamin Haskoll and Hannah Marsters (Manchester vital records):

i. Nathaniel b. 29 June 1740
ii. Benjamin b. 1 May 1742
iii. Joseph b. 15 April 1744

vital records sources: Benjamin's birth and marriage dates come from the Manchester vital records. He is referred to as Benjamin of Beverly in his marriage record. Rev. Robert Hale's notes indicate that Hannah was widowed by 10 December 1746. He recorded who the widows were in Beverly on about a yearly basis.

1. Town Records of Manchester: From 1718 to 1769, etc, vol. 2 (Manchester, MA:1891), 35.
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3. Essex County Probate case file 17834.
4. Essex Institute Historical Collections, vol. 5 (Salem:1863), 280. The record is transcribed as "m Benjamin Haskell 63 10 Dec 1746." 63 is one of various numbers ascribed to people's names throughout his database, the meaning of them not known, but apparently a vaguely ascending count of deaths. 10 December is a date that appears elsewhere, during various years. 10 December 1746 is attached to other men as well, and it's unlikely this is their death date. Other month/day notations repeat over the years regardless of year, making it hard to tell if this has direct meaning to the names or a tally of sorts taken at that time. There are specific references to death dates as well, but they are not common.

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