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John was baptized in April 1618 in St. John the Baptist parish, Somersetshire, England.1 He came to New England with his parents and siblings when he was 17. He is on the 1643? freeman list of Weymouth, Massachusetts. He supposedly moved to Rehoboth by 1643, but his primary residence of record was Weymouth. The family lived in the "Old Spain" neighborhood. In the local militia, John was a lieutenant, then a captain. In August of 1664, John was chosen to serve in the company of Capt. Judson, but he was replaced due to the sickness of his wife and children. In the Spring of 1676, he was captain of a company raised to suppress the "insolence of the Indians" and to "range the wood towards Hassanamesit (Concord)." For this service he was paid a little over £16.
     The published Weymouth vital records have John's death on 23 November 1699. It also cites a gravestone in North Weymouth Cemetery that said he was "abt. 82." While that stone was visible in the mid 1800s, it isn't now. Despite his baptism record in April 1618 (the day for which isn't clear, but has been interpreted in print as the 6th), it's been repeated many times on the internet that he was born on 6 April 1617, thus ignoring the actual record and adjusting it to the gravestone information. He was in his 82nd year, however (which means he was 81), so technically the gravestone wasn't wrong.

     As found among John and Elizabeth's children, it was popular among Protestants in 17th and 18th Century New England to name twin daughters, and less commonly successive daughters, after the Biblical Lois and Eunice. This is likely due to the importance of Timothy's mother, Eunice, and her mother, Lois, as being influential in his Jewish faith.

children of John Holbrook and Sarah French:


children of John and Elizabeth Otis:

Lois, b. 12 May 1658
Eunice, b. 12 May 1658
Experience, b. 21 May 1661
Ichabod b. 20 May 1662

vital records sources:

1. The day of the baptism is open to interpretation. See

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