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John was a tailor. He was granted a house lot at Hingham and became a freeman there in 1636. He was a representative of Hingham at the General Court in 1656 and 1664 Signed as a selectman an agreement about land 26 April 1675. SR, 9. In an account that may date to 22 July 1682, Deacon John Leavett was one of a group of men who appear to have paid for land to be bought for John Tower by paying for wood from (Couper's) Island. John paid £1. He was also due 2 sh for laying out Tower's land. 20 SR 15 He was paid by the town for a trip to Boston about 1670 5 sh SR 18 15 March 1670/71, he was appointed a fenceviewer for the area of Hingham called the "upland." 19 16 May 1673, same service for the "Plain" neighborhood. 19 He was due 5 sh for carrying "[? the?] list of the towns estate." 20 April 1671 20. Also for "one (?, not day) expended in looking after the towns wood & timber." 2 sh 20. He was paid 9 sh for laying out Tower's swamp (which he did with Lieut Smith), looking after the wood and timber (which he did with Thomas Andrews) and another service unreadable. undated 23. He paid for a trip to Boston in the town's accounts for and 1672? 4 sh 10 p 27. at the same time he was paid 5 sh for use of his horse for his son to go to Marshfield. There were several others paid for a trip to Marshfield and to Boston and Plymouth. Also paid 18 sh 7 p for two drums. Another account, crossed out, includes payment to him for the same £2 14 sh 27 Paid 10 sh for going to Connahasset about timber 30. A dispute about fences caused the town to settle it. In the settlement, "fallgates" were ordered to be built, one being at Leavitts loading place on the Weir River 27 Apr 1667. 32. town accounts for 1677/78 have a line item for repairing a bridge by Deacon Leavitts 48. 1668, paid for six days looking after the town timber and "running the line at the ware [Weir] lotts" 12 sh 34. 3 May 1675, 39. paid 2 sh for marking (trees for shade for ye cattell?) 1675 40 Also payment to him for a pound of (candle?) 6 p, 48. fenceviewer for The Plain, 27 March 1682, 62. 1 January 1663, Deacon Leavitt selectman, 11.Deacon Leavitt was chosen a selectman in 1665, no day or month given, maybe lost in binding, SR 10. Selectman 4 May 1668. Deacon Leavitt, Deacon John Leavitt.Selectman 1 May 1672 26.Selectman 4 May 1674, 37      

children of John Leavitt and his first wife:

i. John
ii. Hannah, bap. 7 April 1639
iii. Samuel, bap. April 1641
iv. Elizabeth, bap. 8 April 1644
v. Jeremiah, bap. 1 March 1645/46

children of John Leavitt and Sarah:

vi. Israel, bap. 23 April 1648
vii. Moses, b. 12 August 1650
viii. Josiah, bap. 1 May 1653
ix. Nehemiah, b. 22 January 1655/56
x. Sarah, b. 25 February 1658/59
xi. Mary, b. 12 June 1661
xii. Hannah, b. 20 March 1663/64
xiii. Abigail, b. 9 December 1667

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