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1 land grant 6 Dec 1681. YD, 18:27 sold to Samuel Stewart. 19 June 1693, inferior court jury of trials 52 he was Mr. Abram Masters when he gave constable Samuel Lee warrant money, recorded at Boston 6 November 1694 received by James Taylor, Treasurer (for Boston?) recorded by Jeremiah Allen 60 appears in an account of rights in the town common land, he had one right he bought from Ambrose Gale. He had a half right with Joseph Pickworth that had been granted to Widow Pickworth. 64 He and Samuel Lee shared in a common land lot laid out and recorded on 4 March 1705/6, located partially on the border with Gloucester north of the highway. He has his own lot also on the border. 109-110 there were previous divisions He was a co-owner of 400 acres formerly owned by Samuel Friend, the bounds confirmed on 10 January 1700/01 He was on the committee from Manchester to run the boundary between Manchester and Wenham, who met on 28 May 1696. 72 When the new meeting house was being planned, an amount in tax, labor or both was assessed, Abraham's amount was £2, 5 shillings. 26 July 1696 73 Constable 19 March 1696/97 76 surveyor of highways 8 March 1697 77 although another person was elected constable in 1698, Abraham was still serving in that office, as mentioned in town meeting records in that year as late as 2 Dec 1698 83 a tax was raised to cover the construction costs of the meeting house overseen by a committee that included Abraham 27 Feb 1699/1700 85 on a committee to divide common land, appointed 18 December 1699. 87 also 24 May 1700 94 16 December 1700 95 1 Feb 1703/04 104 4 March 1705/06 109-114 25 March 1699/1700, surveyor of hiighways 93 his house lot in the 400 acres, on the north side of a one acre lot that was John Sibley's, that lot bounded west by a way near the minstry house, east on Samuel Leach. 124 his house mentioned in a description of Joseph Pickworth's land in the 400 acres. One acre where Abraham Masters house now stands, west on the way near the ministry house, north within 5 rods of the Saw Mill Brook, east on Samuel Leach, south on Eliab Littlefield. 23 May 1711 127 (he is still on the division committee, including Elizabeth Carter) Since Abraham wasn't an abutter, why is he mentioned? When Abraham sold his homestead to son Nathaniel, it was 2 acres "adjoining" the Ministry house. Capt John Sibley's heirs were confirmed to have abt an acre lying near AM house, west on the way near teh ministry house, n by masters land that his house stands on, e by SL, s on John Knowlton 124 Nicholas Vincent confirmed to have half acre where Tricker's house is, w by way naer ministry land, n on AM, e on SL, S on SL and the way. 12- also Joseph Pickworth, 4 acres where Nathaniel Masters his house stood, w by the way, n on Mr. Carter, e on the meadow, so on Sam Stone, also an acre of freash meadow s on crter, w on John Allen, north on Bishop's meadow, e on Masters own land. 126 Col. Samuel Brown bought a common right from Abraham ion 20 June 1713, acknowledged on 30 June 29:68 widow Masters land mentioned in 1711 126 Abraham, also called Abram, sold land in Wells, Maine, that was his father's on 24 February 1712/1713. On 16 March 1713 (/1714?) the deed was confirmed in court, with the witnesses and the widow Abigail Masters deposing that they signed the deed and saw Abram Masters, deceased, sign the document. Normally the grantor would appear to present the deed for recording. He is called a housewright in various deeds, including this one. File #: 17822 Name: Abraham/Abram Marsters; probate file date: 16 Mar 1714?.

died between 15 September 1713 and 7 January 1714. An inventory of ye estate reall & personall of Mr. Abrm. Masters late of Manchester deceasd taken by apprizall by Jno Lee Senr. * Jno Bishop both of Manchester in ye County of Essex and Mr. Samll West of Beaverly in the County aforesd on ye seventh day of Jary An Dom 1713 it is as follows

Viz: Imp: The dwelling house and one acre of land yrtoo ajoyning 35-00-00
Three acres & 3/4 of land on ye fresh meadow rocks att 10 s p acre 01?-17-06
Three quarters of an acre of land & meadow in ye fresh meadow field att 02-00-00
Two ares of land in ye Brushie Plain att 15 s p acre 01-00-00
One acre in Millets Swamp at 15 s p acre 00-15-00
Pickworths Lott with a five acre division ajoyning 30-00-00
Two oxen with yr winter meet 12-00-00
One cow 04-00-00
One horse 03-00-00
One sow 00-15-00
Beds & bedding as they now stand in ye house 12-00-00
Wearing woollen cloths with a hatt 05-10-00
Pewter old & new each sort 14 s 01-08-00
Brass 01-14-00
Iron weare 02-19-00
Table linnen 00-04-00
Wooden weare 02-10-00
Earthen ware 00-01-00
Three guns out of repaire 01-15-00
Do to ye estate by bonds from Samll Steward eight pounds payable ye 1st of Novemr past and fifteen pounds payable next Novemr ensuing & fifteen pounds payable ye 1st of 9ber An Dom 1715 38-00-00

By rent of estate 4 [?]

John Ley
John Bishop
Samuell West

Sworn pr admrs
March 16 1717 [7 altered to create an 8, indicating 1717/8]

Ipswich Aprill 25 Anno D 1715

Account of Admo. on ye estate of Abram Masters Late of Manchester Deced. exhibited by Abigail & Nathanl. Masters joyntly admrs on said estate

The said estate credr

By ye reall estate as pr 72-02-0
By ye prsonall as pr ditto 85-16-0 By ye income of ye estate 6-00-0

the said estate dr

To sundry credits as p particular list on file 51-19-2

To bond & letter admo etc 00-07-6
Recording ye inventory 00-03-6
Travell to obtaine power etc 00-10-0
To journey to render an accott 00-06-0
To stateing recording ye acco & list 00-04-0
Allowing ye acco 5 s divideing ye estat 5s 00-10-0
Allowed ye admrs for ye trouble & [?] 07-00-0
To a quietus 00-04-0
allowed ye widow bringing up ye young 3 children ye youngest being posthum 40-0-0
Allowed ye widow in favor of law 6 lbs 06-00-0

debts 106-05-2
credits 89-16-0

The abovesd acco allowed pr John Appleton

Sworn pr admrs in mannr & form Aprill 25 1715

An account of wt war recievd & imbursted as ye estate of Abraham Masters late of Manchester deceasd by Abigaile Masters administratrix to ye sd estate which is as follows

Viz: recievd of Samll Steward of Wells 8-0-0
of Nathanll Masters for rent & inwintering of a cow 5-10-00

Paid to Robt. Leach jr 01-00-00 To ye constable for rates due before ye decease of sd Abrm Masters 00-18-00
The cost & charge of adminstration 01-10-00
To ye Wid Stone 00-03-06
To Moses Bennett 00-01-00

Jenry the 20 1714 payed Joseph Evesy [Joseph Eveleth, Ipswich] 06-00-00
Aprel the 21 1715 payed to John Nothy [John Northy, Marblehead] 01-14-00
Jenery the 10 1714 to Jorg Gaxon [Dr. George Jackson, Marblehead?] 01-10-00
Aprel the 21 1715 payed to Gras Pousland [Grace (Stacey) Pousland, Marblehead) 01-00-00
March 10 1715 payed to Natha Nordon 00-11-10
Apre 21 1715 promsed to pay to Will Stasy [William Stacey] 00-08-09
Aprel 21 1715 payed to John Leegg [John Legg, Marblehead merchant] 04-14-00
Jenery 15 1713 payed to Docter Barnet 03-08-00
Febrey 9 1713 pay to John Higginson 00-13-07
Aprel 21 1715 paye to Rechrd Gorson 01-10-00
Aprel 21 1715 payed to Tabthy Woods 00-10-06
Desember 16 1714 payed to Rechard Lar--- Jenery 10 1714 pyed to Samuell Pamer March 10 1715 paye to Richard Over [Ober] Jenery 21 1714 payed to Widow Ston Jenery 20 171? payed to Samuel Lee for cofen Desembr 1 1714 payed to Eser Gall [Azor Gale] Jeenery 20 1714 paye to manin day [Emanuel Day of Manchester?] for dige grav Agst 10 1714 payed to Samuel Leech May 1 1714 paye to Mrs Abgill Marsturs axceptd by his mother

more debts standing out vizt

To Mr. Eveleth To Mr Larance To Nathl Marston
To John Gray Salem
To John Stacey Marblehd
To Mr Jos Horne
To Capt Oazgood Salem
To Widdow Stone
Moses Bennet
To Nath Masters

The wording of the account above seems to say youngest child was born posthumously. If so, there is no record of its birth or death.

children of Abraham Masters and Abigail Killam:

i. Nathaniel, b. 23 March 1692
ii. Abigail, b. 17 December 1694
iii. Ruth, b. 22 March 1697
iv. Hannah, b. 16 May 1699
v. Lydia, b. 17 July 1701
vi. Abraham, b. 28 September 1703
vii. Sarah, b. 20 May 1705, bap. 16 June 1717, Manchester
viii. John, b. 6 February 1708/09, bap. 16 June 1717, Manchester
ix. Elizabeth, b. 2 December 1711, d. bef 16 June 1717
x. Rebecca, b. abt. 1713, bap. 16 June 1717, Manchester, dau of widow Abigail "Mastus," who renewed her baptismal covenant at the same time she may have been the Rebecca who married Joseph Williams in Beverly in 1734, both of Beverly. Two wives of Joseph Williamses are in Beverly death records, on in 1760, no first name or age, another, no first name, age 60?, d. 1777, putting her birth in 1717. No other widow Abigail Masters shows in records

vital records sources: His marriage comes from Vital Records of Manchester, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849 (Salem:1903).


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