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There's no recorded evidence to pinpoint when John was born. In the context of his siblings, more discussion about this is at his father's page. The earliest record I've found of him is on 7 July 1659, at a town meeting referencing bills from 24 February 1656: "Will Browne Dr per his bill...for Stone & Jno Sallowes."1 1:228 Stone may refer to a person, since, aside from the unreliable capitalization, there is a John Stone, Sr. At the 26 April 1658 Salem town meeting, invoices from 1657 were presented to be paid by the town, including "Mr. Browne for Stone & Jno Sallowes," £1, 4 shillings, 4 pence.2
     He but he bought land from Nicholas Bartlett on Cape Ann side on 16 September 1659.3 Essex Co., MA, deeds, "Sollas" They were both called seamen. John sold the land to his son Thomas on 10 December 1698, but no mention of a house here.4 He bought land at an unknown date and then an adjacent lot on 18 March 1660/61 with a house and barn.5 Sidney Perley, in "Beverly in 1700," puts John's homestead on what's now Hale Street between Ober and Corning Streets.6
     At the 5 November 1674 Beverly town meeting (Beverly by then having been incorporated), John was chosen for a committee to provide the town's minister his firewood for the year, and each on the committee would get 6 shillings for each cord delivered.7
     As for civic activity, John was a Beverly constable on 31 October 16718 On 23 December 1692 he was chosen to serve of the grand jury at the Essex County Quarterly Court. 9 He was chosen a fenceviewer at the 19 March 1694/95 town meeting.10
     John didn't join the churches in Salem or Beverly, but his first wife was a member. The First Church of Beverly records say that "13th: 8th: 1667 The first Baptized person after ye settling of ye Church was Abigall ye daughter of John Sallows By Hannah his wife A Sister of this Church."11 John and his second wife Elizabeth, whose family origins are unknown, must also have been a member since her children were baptized there. Third wife Katherine's origins are also unknown.

children of John Sallows and Hannah Wolfe:11

John, b. 12 December 1656
Peter, b. 24 October 1658
Joseph, b. 1 February 1660/61
Hannah, b. 1 August 1662
Thomas, b. 24 October 1665
Abigail, b. 22 June 1667

children of John Sallows and Elizabeth:12

Elizabeth, bap. 16 June 1672
Robert, b. 29 October 1676
Sarah, bap. 1 June 1679 (of John and "Sarah")
Margaret, b. 4 May 1682
Michael, b. 20 August 1684
Theophilus, b. 10 April 1688

child of John Sallows and Katherine:

Hannah, b. 28 December 1690

vital records sources: his death is in Vital records of Beverly, Massachusetts, to the end of year 1849, vol. 2 (Topsfield, MA: Topsfield Historical Society, 1907), 549, "age 80 & upwards."

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