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Robert lived in what is now calle the Pride's Crossing neighborhood of Beverly. On 8 August 1707 an agreement was made between Richard Thistle, Sr., and Robert, both seamen, as to which parts of the fence in common they were responsible for.1 Robert, fisherman bought from Joshua Bisson two acres of meadow on 10 May 1708.2 He was chosen a tithingman at the Beverly town meeting of 25 March 17143 (p. 43). and for the jury of trials at the Essex County Quarterly Court on 21 November 1721.4 (p. 201) He received a tax abatement of 8 shillings, 1 pence for a dead dog, listed in the tax records of Beverly for 1754.
     On 29 March 1702 Robert "owned the covenant" at the First Church in Beverly.5 I find no record of his Sallows parents or grandparents joining either the Salem or Bevery churches or records of baptisms of them, him or his siblings. His second wife Elizabeth had already owned the covenant on 5 September 1708 with her married sister Abigail (Larcom) Clark.6

Robert wrote his will on 20 May 1751 (with standard capitalization and commas added):7

In the name of God amen, I Robert Sallous of Beverly in the County of Essix & Provinc of the Masathusets Bay in New England, husbandman, being in helth & through divine goodnes of sound minde & memory do make this my last will & testament & firstly recommending my soul to God through Jesus Christ in hoome alone I hope for salvation unto etarnall life & my bodey unto the earth to be decently buried at the discresion of my executors after named & as for my temporall estate God thath bin plesed to bles me withall I do by these presents dispose of the same in manor & form as followeth vizt

Imps. my will is that my just depts & funerall charges be paid & discharged out of my estate by my executors

Item I give unto my three daughters (viz) Mary Standley, Marsy Standley & Elizabeth Sallous to each of them five shillings besides what I have formerly given them

Item I give unto my grandson Ebenezar Ashbe five shillings to be paid by my execrs out of my estate

Item I give unto my two yongest daughters (viz) Hannah Skarrey & Margreet Thisell all my estate both reall & parsonall after my depts, funarall charges & the legasays before mentioned be paid & discharged to be to them & thare heirs & assigns forever wither the same may consiste of houseing or lands in Beverly or elsewhere or of parsonall estate of any cind whatsoever

& lastly I do nominate & appoint my two sons in law Henery Skarrey & James Thisell my soul executors of this my last will & testament hereby revoking all other wills by me heretofore made & I do declare this to be my last will & testament in witnes whareof I have hereunto set my hand & seal May the 20th day ann. dom. 1751

Robert his + mark Sallous

signed, sealed & published by Robert Sallous to be his last will & testament in presents of

Antho Wood
[whose signature matches the handwriting of the will and inventory]
Elisabeth Wood
Elisabeth Herrick

The will was brought to court and proved on 16 February 1756. This suggests he had recently died, which is why I choose January-February 1756 as his approximate death date. His estate inventory was taken on 10 March 1756:

imprs. to one old dwelling house at £ 6-0 [shillings]-0 [pence]
to about six acors of rockey land whare on sd hous stands 5-1-4
to about one quarter of an acor of land called the pigs orchard being nigh the house at 3-0-0
to about two acors of meadow ground at 4-0-0

parsonal estate is as followith vizt

to thirty two pounds of cheese at 31 1/2 d
[pence] pr [pound] 0-9-4
to eight boshils of Indian corn 24 s, six of barley 18 s 2-2-0
to about fifty pounds of smal porke at 10 s 0-10-0
to a meat barril 12 d one great cote 6 s 0-7-0
to one stright bodyed cote 7 s one jacket red lineing 6 s 0-13-0
to one old jacket 4 s four under jackets 4 s 0-8-0
to three pare of briches 3 s one pare of old briches 12 d 0-4-0
to three pare of stockings 3 s two shurts 6 s 0-9-0
to one fine shurt 2 s one cap 12 d mittens 18 d 0-4-6
to one pare of shews 12 d to one Bible & other books all 0-3-0
to one hat 12 d to two yards 1/2 of cloth 4 s 10 d 0-5-10
to one fether bed & bolster weight 44 pounds 2-7-1
to one fether bed bolster & two pilows weight 4 lbs 2-1-0
to one fether bed bolster & pilow 2-7-6
to one coverled 21 s 4 d three coverleds 48 s 3-9-4
to one pare of blankits & one pare old blankits 3 s 0-11-0
to ten pare of sheets 26 s 8 d seven napkins 16 s 2-2-8
to seven
[cou---] napkins 7 s four pillow cases 5 s 4 d 0-12-4
to four table cloths 4 s two towels & 2 pillow cases 12 d 0-5-0
to two bedsteds & cords 3 s one black chist 6 s 0-9-0
to two old chists 6 s one grate chair 6 s 0-12-0
to five small chairs 6 s one gun 12 s 0-18-0
to one warming pan & one bras cittel 20 s 1-8-0
to one looking glas 12 d tramil 4 s 0-5-0
to one pare of tongs 16 d iron pot & hooks 3 s 0-4-4
to one old cittel 8 d earthen ware 16 d 0-2-0
to one wooden platter & six wooden plats 0-1-0
to one frying pan 8 d one churn 6 d 0-1-2
to one flesh fork & one candle stick 0-0-4
to five glas bottels 8 d one dish & plate 8 d 0-1-4
to eighteen pounds of puter at 1-5-4
to two tables 18 d one iron crow 2 s 8 d 0-4-2
to a plow shear 12 d spanshakle & augor 9 d 0-1-9
to two cows 40 s pr to three sheep 5 s pr 4-15-0
to a sive & lamp 4 d flax 3 s two whels 7 s 0-10-4
to money in the hands of James Thisel 5-9-4
to money due from Jonathan Woodbary 1-10-0

Beverly March 10th 1756

Joseph Trask
David Larcom
Antho Wood, apprizors

Henry Skerry
James Thisses

Essex Ipswich April 12 1756, then Henry Skerry & James Thirstle mad oath to this inventory and to add what shall further appear

Robert's mark made on his will

children of Robert Sallows and Mary Thistle:8

Mary, b. 18 November 1700
Elizabeth, b. 26 December 1704
Experience, b. 1 December 1710
Mercy, b. 30 November 1710

children of Robert Sallows and Elizabeth Larcom:

Margaret, b. 4 August 1716, d. March 1716/17
Hannah, b. 10 November 1718
Samuel, b. and d. 16 September 1721
Abigail, b. 6 October 1723
Margaret, b. 16 July 1726

vital records sources: His birth is in Vital records of Beverly, Massachusetts, to the end of year 1849, vol. 1 (Topsfield, MA: Topsfield Historical Society, 1906), 288. His marriages are in Vital records of Beverly, Massachusetts, to the end of year 1849, vol. 2 (Topsfield, MA: Topsfield Historical Society, 1907), 269. His approximate death date is discussed above. See also Essex Institute Historical Collections, vol. 5 (Salem, MA:1863), 144, which is Robert Hale's collection of deaths in Beverly, appearing undated after the benchmark date of 21 December 1755.

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