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Elizabeth's gravestone in the Gesner Cemetery on the what was the family farm in Belleisle

Unlike her ancestors, Elizabeth is most often referred to with the last name spelled Steadman. I haven't seen a signature for her before she was married, but her brothers were generally "Steadmans."

children of Elizabeth Steadman and Abraham Gesner: (Their first two and last two children apparently were twins. No primary source has been found for Hannah's birth date or the birth years for the others given in earlier publications, but the between dates were calculated from their headstones)

i. Hannah b. 28 September 1787? (bet. 17 October 1786-17 October 1787)
ii. Famichie b. bet. 5 September 1787-5 September 1788
iii. Jacob b. 1791
iv. Elizabeth S(teadman?) b. bet. 22 August 1792-22 August 1793
v. Maria Bartlett b. bet. 11 March 1794-11 March 1795
vi. Henry b. bet. 7 January 1796-7 January 1797
vii. Horatia Nelson b. bet. 23 July 1799-23 July 1800
viii. Isaac bet. 28 August 1802-28 August 1803
ix. Caroline b. bet. 29 January 1804-29 January 1805
x. Abraham bet. 6 April 1805-6 April 1806
xi. Delancey Moody, bet. 11 May 1809-11 May 1810
xii. George Provost, bet. 21 May 1809-21 May 1810

vital records sources: Elizabeth's birth is in the "Township Book" of records for Cornwallis, Nova Scotia. Her death date is on her gravestone in Belleisle, Nova Scotia.

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