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left to right: Rebecca Redman (Cox) Brady, Eveline Amelia Hoyt, Lydia (Stevenson) Hoyt
watercolor by Doug Sinclair, based on a daguerreotype now missing

     There are few clues as to the origin of Lydia and her sister Mary, who married Joseph Hoyt's brother Enos. Censuses place their birth in New Jersey. Enos and Mary lived in Newark, NJ, then Rochester, NY. Joseph and Lydia moved temporarily to New Providence, NJ, later in life. Censuses weren't taken that might help locate Stevenson families in northern New Jersey between 1790 and 1830. Deed records are being investigated, although that is complicated by an atypical accounting of early land transfers in the state. There is also the possibility of pertinent probate records, but that research is made difficult by not knowing where in New Jersey the Stevensons lived and died, if they even died in that state. Lydia is said to have made a quilt at the time of her marriage, which is still in the family.

     The family is fortunate to have several photographs of Lydia, and hopefully more about the Stevenson family will someday be found. Lydia died of hepatitis and the complications of old age at her daughters' home and store on Court St. in the Cobble Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn.(1)

children of Lydia Stevenson and Joseph Hoyt:(2)

i. Edwin Andrus b. 28 March 1813, m. Frances E. Walker
ii. William Henry b. 15 January 1815, d. 12 July 1862, m. Eliza Ann Brady
iii. Louisa b. 25 May 1817, d. abt. 12 December 1894, heart disease, Mountainside Hospital, Glen Ridge, NJ.
iv. Mary b. 13 February 1825, d. abt 27 May 1885, Bright's Disease, 21 St. Felix St.
v. Lucinda b. 10 March 1827, d. abt 10 September 1879, of peritonitis, 21 St. Felix St.
vi. Joseph Benedict b. abt 1830 (d. at 4 years)

vital records sources: Lydia's marriage date comes from family records. Her death record is from a Brooklyn municipal death certificate.

1. City directories give the Hoyts' address as 314 Court St. The death certificate says 312 and Evergreens Cemetery interpreted the number as 372, probably confusing the 1 for a 7. Directories need to be rechecked.
2. These names and dates are taken from family records, which also appear in David. W. Haight's genealogy on the Hoyt family.