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Thomas was a militia captain and lived in Beverly, Massachusetts Bay. He was active in town affairs. He was the son of John West, who lived in Beverly .
     His marriage and children's births up to John are recorded as a group in the Beverly town records. Beverly wasn't created until 1667, so it's possible the marriage and the births of Elizabeth and Mary weren't in Beverly, but the family moved there after John was born in 1669 and before Ruth was born in 1672. They aren't in the Salem vital records. Births, marriages, deaths 1665-1725, image 60
     At some point before she married Thomas, Elizabeth Jackson worked in his father's household. She testified in a case of slander, saying that on 27 June 1661, she and Thomas heard a conversation in John West's house pertinent to the case. 2:299 Thomas and Elizabeth were married in the following December. she d. 12 Oct 1708, age 66 and 9 mos., b. abt Jan 1642 According to his gravestone, Thomas was in his 81st year when he died, which means he was 80 and would turn 81 on his next birthday. Dying in March 1723, this puts his birth most likely in 1642, and both Thomas and Elizabeth a bit underage when they married.
     John West appears in Beverly town records when the town was formed, and was already serving in important offices and committees within the following year. He is mentioned once in the Salem town meeting records on 19 February 1666/67, referring to his property in what would soon become Beverly, known as the Cape Ann side of Salem. 2:75
     John died intestate, son Thomas appointed administrator on 5 November 1683. 9:85 He married the widow Mary Lee 1 June 1675, Beverly. Widow of Henry Lee of Manchester. John was guardian of John and Samuel Lee by 1677. John West in Ipswich 1642, court record. He was given a license to cut wood for the town's use in Ipswich 10 February 1644/45. HofI 27c

Among townsmen who agreed to pay Major Denison "our leader," 22 December 1648

John of Ipswich, freeman at March 1654 ECQC, 1:336

complaint against Mordecai Larcom for not delivering a heifer and cow, 9 November 1659, 2:189

Was in Salem by September 1662

served on the jury of trials several times, a coroner's inquest in a drowning

children of Thomas West and Elizabeth Jackson:

i. Elizabeth, b. 26 September 1663
ii. Mary, b. 22 September 1665, d. 5 May 1675
iii. Hannah, b. 20 October 1667, d. 8 March 1674 (dual year not given)
iv. John, b. 5 October 1669, d. 22 August 1693
v. Ruth, b. 18 May 1672
vi. Samuel, b. 22 May 1674
vii. Mary, b. 4 May 1676
viii. Hannah, b. 14 April 1678, d. 19 April 1695
ix. Thomas, b. 31 August 1683

vital records sources:

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