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Hannah appears to have married James Patch in her mid teens, which was unusual for colonial New England. She outlived two husbands and three children. She was given a dower third of James Patch's real estate. Her death, and the subsequent reversion of the dower, appears to have reactivated James' probate in late May 1701, when James, Jr., was appointed administrator. 1 His bond says his mother was deceased before she completed her own administrative duties. This probably shouldn't be taken literally, given the forty some odd years since James, Sr., died, since the only loose end mentioned was the dower reversion after her death.
          This family name in the 17th and early 18th centuries is spelled variously depending on the document and the gravestone. There were varying degrees of literacy, even among town clerks and ministers. Spelling was fluid and often reflected phonetics, but the prevailing spelling amongst family members was decidedly "Woodbery." Since there is no ambiguity about this, I see no reason not to use it. I do so with the note that other spelling were used, uncommonly by Woodberys themselves, more commonly by others. This spelling eventually shifted to "Woodberry," and now "Woodbury" is favored.Hannah Woodberry - Hannah Woodbury

children of Hannah Woodbery and James Patch:

Elizabeth, b. "16 4m 164-" (Julian calendar month numbering from original record), 16 June 164-
Mary b. "21 3m 1647," 21 May 1647, d. 30 October, prob. 1648 (Salem records say 1649, but see b. of Mary below, indicating a conflation of the two births),
Mary b. "6 2m 1649," 6 April 1649
James b. "21 4m 1655," 21 June 1655
Nicholas b. "21 8m 1657," 21 October 1657, d. "16 11m 1657," 16 January 1658

children of Hannah Woodbery and Mark Hascoll:

William, b. abt 1660

vital records sources: Her baptism is said to have been found by Robin Bush in the Misterton parish records. Contemporary record not seen.

1. Essex County Probate case file 20704.

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