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     Ebenezer is said to have lived on what is now Wellington Street in Dighton, but his farm and wood lot were on the east or southeast side of a road and bordered on the east by the Segreganset River, indicating an address further north, probably upper Walker Street. He made a grant (of real estate?) to Comfort’s "honored" mother Mary King of Dighton, "relict" of Thomas, for her support. Pasco Chubb also gave her support as Comfort's second husband.
     Ebenezer died without a will at about 40 years old. His inventory points to a modest existence, but he had silver buttons with his monogram that were given to Ebenezer, Jr. after he died. An inventory of Ebenezer's estate was taken in March of 1725:

A true inventory of all and singular ye goods chattls & reall and parsnol estate of Mr. Ebenezer Briggs leat of Dighton decesed prized by us the subscribers at Dighton March ye 30th one thousand seven hundred and twenty and five

imprimis his waring aparil 3[pounds]-12[shillings]-0[pence]
to his gun 2-5-0
to one yoke of oxen 15-0-0
to one chain 0-11-0
to cows at five pounds a pece 15-0-0
to one bull 1-10-0
to eight calves at one poind and five shilings a pece 10-0-0
to one mare 6-0-0
to one swine 1-10-0
to one hide 0-14-0
to one grinding stone 0-3-0
to twenty seven sheepe 13-10-0
to two plows 1-10-0
to twenty pounds of flax 1-0-0
to twelve bushil of corn at 6/ pr bushill 3-12-0
to ---- and pan 1-17-[torn]
to old iorn 0-[torn]
to iorn boer? and anvill {obliterated and torn]
to leather 1-3-[torn]
to beds and beding and bedsteds and firnitur 7-0-0
to two meat bariels 0-18-0
to two spining wheels 0-10-0
to tin trays 0-6-0
to old cask 0-13-0
to one tramill and tongs and fier ---- 0-8-0
to two pots and pot huckes 1-11-0
to skilit and old --- 6/ & flesh fork 1/ 0-7-0
to 0-7-0
to five spoones? and a tin cup nad sixteen spones 1-6-0
to three pare of silver buttons 0-9-0
to one sive 0-2-0
to one bag 0-1-0
to one fring pan and box iorn 0-4-0
to old wooden ware 0-5-0
to eight pound of feathers 1-4-0
to two chests old ones 0-10-0
to one ladel 1-0-0
to 3/4 of a pound of cotton 0-1-0
to one pare of sisers 0-1-6
to one pare of wheels and old bones and bands 3-8-0
to 16 yards cloth at 5/ pr yard 4-0-0
to the whome sted and housing 400-0-0

Isaac Pool
Matthew Briggs
Abraham Atwood

children of Ebenezer and Comfort (King) Briggs:(1)


sources for vital records: His death date is estimated from an inventory of his estate taken on 30 March 1725 and that Comfort's account of the estate in April 1727 says that she had paid taxes in the two years since he died (a transcription of this account is on Comfort King's page). His marriage record comes from the published Dighton vital records.

1. The distribution of Ebenezer's estate refers to Ebenezer, John and Samuel as his oldest, second and youngest sons respectively. A gaurdianship paper lists the children as Mary, Ebenezer, John and Samuel. Probate records usually list children (when referred to in a group) by age, oldest first, suggesting that Mary was the oldest child.

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