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Barbara appears to have lived her life in West Dunnet. After her husband died she probably moved in with her daugther Mary's family nearby. She was there by the time the 1891 census was taken. This was the croft of the Young family, now a house museum called "Mary Ann's Cottage." Mary Ann (Young) Calder was Barbara's granddaughter, who lived and farmed there until she was in her 90s.

Barbara very likely died in this house, now a house museum called "Mary Ann's Cottage"

children of Barbara Brotchie and James Dunnet:

i. John b. 9 September 1834
ii. Margaret b. 17 November 1835
iii Jacobina b. 26 September 1837
iv. Janet "Jessie" b. 19 February 1837
v. James b. 19 July 1840
vi. William b. 2 August 1843
vii. Isabella b. 2 August 1843
viii. George b. 20 June 1845
ix. Barbara b. 10 February 1849
x. Jane b. 16 September 1850
xi. Mary b. 18 October 1852

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