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He asked the town of Wenham for a land exchange involving the town's common land. He had eighteen acres, seven of which had been part of John Solart's ten acre lot and eleven had been Ezekiel Woodward's. The common land he wanted was on the town line with Beverly in "The Neck" neighborhood. The agreement was signed 14 April 1685 1:76 Rebecca Hale, Jr., of Beverly testified that the family maid, Margaret Lord, pushed 34 rocks into their well to make work for "old Edwards" the day after John Edwards had cleared the well of loose stone. She was being tried for theft, and there were depositons about her bizarre behavior. 31 May 1678 ECQC 7:46 Although he wasn't particularly old, even by late 17th century standards, Margaret may have either been a little sarcastic or differentiating him from John, Jr., who was 17. The only other local John Edwards was in Ipswich, who was older than Wenham John, but it's highly unlikely he was coming to the Hale house in Beverly to do odd jobs. sold his homestead to son Thomas 12:87.


children of John Edwards and Mary Solart (Mary died by 30 Nov 1682):

i. John b. 11 December 1668 (this birth, Elizabeth's below and their parents' marriage are recorded together in the original Beverly Town records)
ii. Elizabeth b. 1 April 1671 (a daughter of Mary, alive 1702)
Sarah, b. abt. 1672-1682 (died young), a daughter of Mary, d. betw. 1683-abt 1685
Hannah, b. abt. 1672-1682 (died young), a daughter of Mary, d. betw. 1683-abt 1689
Mary, b. abt. 1672-1682 (a daughter of Mary, alive 1702)
Abigail, b. abt. 1672-1682 (a daughter of Mary, alive 1702)
Bethiah, b. abt. 1672-1682 (a daughter of Mary, d. betw. 1683-1702)

Martha, b. abt. 1672-1682 (a daughter of Mary, alive 1702, supp. m. Phin Dodge 1712 and d. 1724 age 39, gravestone)
children of John Edwards and Sarah Woodin:

Joseph b. abt 1683 (first child born 1704) (?m. Desire, had Sarah 18 May 1704, Mary 1 Sep 1707, Roch, Samuel, 6 Dec 1710, Joseph 1 Feb 1718, p. 124) to Roch
Eleanor b. abt. 1684 (no marr. recorded W) no guard, alive in 1702, if she was 19, may have not needed a guardian
Sarah, b. abt 1686 , alive in 1702
Samuel b. 2 November 1687 (no marr. recorded W) (Samuel, Sarah, Tabitha, minors, appt bro John guardian on 4 Dec 1702), d. 16 Apr 1706, W
prob. Hannah, b. abt. 1689 ( Hannah in her guardianship, stepmother appt guardian 24 Nov 1702, age 13), m. Joseph Doty 2 July 1708, Roch
Tabitha b. abt 1691 (bap. Spring 1691, Wenham) m. William Raymond 3 Oct 1717, Roch
Joshua b. abt 1693 (bap. Spring 1694, Wenham) (uncle Thomas guard 7 July 1707) to Newbury, then NH?
Thomas b. 12 September 1694, m. Dinah Marshall, Ip, 1717? to Topsfield?, Tho d. Tops 2 Mar 1756, widow Edwards d. 18 Jan 1776, Tops, "aged" see also Rice, son of Thos and other ch. b 1720s-1750s, prob. by wife Rebecca
Deborah b. 22 July 1696 (bap. 1696, Wenham) (mother appt guard 24 Nov 1702, age 6) m. Samuel Cole of Plympton, 12 Sep 1723, Roch?

vital records sources: John deposed that he was about 30, Records and Files of the Quarterly Court of Essex, County vol. 6 (), 146.


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