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      Benjamin is called a "shoreman" in his will,(1) an occupation that, in this instance, involved trading along the East Coast. Mary was admitted to the church at Beverly on 7 February 1695, followed by Benjamin on 24 January 1700.(2) The Ellingwood genealogy says that Mary may have been a Dodge, but no evidence has been found to support this. Town records and deeds will likely reveal more about Benjamin.
     Benjamin wrote his will on 31 December 1730, calling himself a shoreman. The following is a transcription of the will (which is in itself a transcription), with minor spelling and punctuation errors (by modern standards) corrected.

In the Name of God amen, I, Benjamin Ellinwood of Beverly, in the County of Essex and Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England, shoreman, calling to mind the uncertainty of life, do ordain this my last will and testament, hereby bequeathing my soul to God who gave it and my body to the ground to be decently buried at the discretion of my exectr. hereafter named, and as to the worldly goods wherewith it has pleased God to endow me, I dispose of them in the following manner, viz:

Imprimis, I give to my loving wife Mary Ellinwood the sum of ten pounds yearly and every year during her natural life, to be paid by my exectr. hereafter named, and also the use and improvement of my dwelling house & well and so much of the land adjoining as I hereafter give unto my grandson David Ellinwood's son Benjamin to be unto her proper use & improvement during her natural life.

Item, my will is that my debts and funeral charges shall all be paid by my said exectr. out of my personal estate.

Item, I give and bequeath that part of my homestead which lies upon ye northern side of the way consisting of twenty seven acres to be equally divided between my five oldest sons, viz: William, David, Samuel, Robert & Andrew, to be unto them and their heirs & assigns forever in equal proportion for quantity and quality.

Item, I give unto my youngest son Jonathan one hundred pounds in good bills of credit to be paid him by my said exectr. within twelve months after my decease.

Item, I give unto my son Samuel Ellinwood the eastern part of that part of my homestead which lies upon the southern side of the way, to extend so far as within six feet of the bodies of the first row of apple trees on the western side of it, and on ye northern side to be bound on the way and upon the southern side on ye sea, to be unto him and his heirs & assigns forever, and also all my common land lying in the sheep pasture in sd. Beverly to be unto him & his heirs & assigns forever.

Item, I give unto my grandson Benjamin, the son of my son David Ellinwood, and his heirs and assigns forever my now dwelling house and land adjoining (viz:) two rods wide upon the way from the west end of my house and two rods wide upon the way from the east end of my house and to extend (holding the same breadth) to the sea, and also my well and its priveleges.

Item, I give unto my son David Ellinwood and his heirs & assigns forever all ye land which lies from the way to the sea between the land last bequeathed to my son Samuel Ellinwood and the last bequethed to my grandson Benjamin.

Item, I give unto my sons William, Robert & Andrew Ellinwood and their hiers and assigns forever all the land upon the southern side of the way which lies to the westward of the land herein given to my aforesaid grandson.

Item, I give unto my son Andrew Ellinwood my common right in Snake Hill pasture and to his heirs & assigns forever, and my will is that all the fencing, trees, buildings & other improvements & all other priveledges which are upon or or appertain to ye aforementioned pieces of land be and remain to those to whom the land is herein respectively given I bequeathed.

Item, I give and bequeath unto my daughters Eleanor Woodberry, Patience Morgan, Priscilla Woodberry, Mary Smith, Eunice Woodberry & Anna Leach to each of them fifteen pounds in good bills of public credit to be paid by my aforesaid execr. within six months after my decease

I do hereby constitute & appoint my loving son in law Jonathan Woodberry to be the sole executor of this my last will and testament

Item, my will is that all of my personal estate which shall be left after the debts, funeral charges and legacies aforesaid are paid shall be equally divided among my children which shall then survive .

Item, I do hereby revoke and dis[anull?] all former wills & testaments by me heretofore made and in witness hereof I hereunto set my hand & seal this thrty first day of December Anno Domini one thousand seven hundred & thirty & in ye fourth year of his magesty's. reign

signed sealed & delivered to be his last will & testament, in presence of

Ralph Ellinwood
Zebulon Allen
Willm. Tuck

[signed] Benjamin Ellinwood

The inventory of Benjamin's estate follows, with only capitalization "corrections."

A true inventory of the estate, real & personal of Benja. Ellinwood late of Beverly in the County of Essex, shoreman, decd. as it was taken by ye subscribers apprizers appointed by the Hon. John Appleton, Esq., Judge of the Probate of wills &c: for ye County aforesaid as follows viz:

the dwelling house, out housing, wharfe & warehouse and abt. 30 acres of land near adjoyning, a common right in Snake Hill pasture and pt. of a right in ye Sheep Hill pastr. all in sd. Beverly…….£900

a cow and nine sheep…£13..8
10 bushls barley 6/[?] 10 barrels cider 10/[?]…….£8
a bed, 2 pills., coverlid & sheets 6/ trundle bedstead & cord 5/…£3.5
a bed, bedstead, cord, under bed, 2 bolstrs. & case, oils, sheets, blankts. & coverld….£10
a bed, under bed, sheets, coverlid, blankt., 2 bolsters, bedstead & cord…£7.10
clock £7, looking glass 18/ table 12/ box 1/6 chest 9/…£9.[0].6
old chest, churn & sieve 9/ halfe bushl. 1/6 flax comb 4/6 old caske 10/…£1/5
2 great chairs, 10 s[?] do., 2 do. 4/6 joynt stool (3) 2/…£1.6.6
2 brass kettles 90/ iron do. 8/ 2 iron potts & hooks 8/spit 2/6…£5.8.6
frying pan 3/ shovl. & 2 [?] tongs 8/ iron kettle 3/6 chafin dish 6/…£1.[0].6
grindstone 1/ 2 tramels (4) 10/[?] dog irons (5) 8/ bellows 1/6…£1.[?].6
iron mortar 2/ spinning whele 4/ [spitts?] 10/ 2 brushes /10d…[0].16.10
tunnel (6) & lamp 1/6 jugg 6/ earthn. stone ware & bottles 5/…[0].12.6
drum & sticks 30/ old books 8/ seales & weights 9/…£2.7
a pair hinges 2/ chain & fetters 3/ hammer, saw & other [sud? abbrev. of sundry?] tools 11/…[0].16
old iron 8/ 2 old [muskts?] 4/ old steel 3/6 pewter [94/1 ½?] wooll 84/…£9.13.7 ½
the wearing apparel, cane & muff of ye decd…£6
[?] cyder mill, press, tub & [?] 40/ saddle 10/ cart 20/…£3.10
spade 5/ axe 1/6 grindstones, scythe and fork 14/…£1.[0].6
plow shear, collar & [spantakle?] (7) 6/ shingles & clapboards 18/…£1.4
scale, beam & weights £7 old pr. smith bellows & anvil 20/…£8
28 obligations, conditiond. for ye payment of …£903.10
silver spoon 20/ in Province bills £40…41
£1039.14.11 ½

errors excepted, Beverly April 30th 1731

Peter Groves
Robert Hale
Zebulon Allen

[?] Jna. Appleton [?] Probt.

Jonathan Woodberry Execr.

Ipswich May 17 1731, then Jonathan Woodberry Execr. made oath to the truth of this inventory before John Appleton [?] Probt.

Examined [?]

[?]: Jonathan Woodberry Execr. of the testament of his father in law Benjamin Ellinwood late of Beverly decd. his acct. of admn. on said estate exhibited to the honle. Thos. Berry, Esq. Judge of Probate of wills &c

January 31st 1742, the estate of ye sd. decd. is [?]

by real estate as pr. inventory…£900
by personal estate as pr. inventory…£1039.14.11 ½
by a [?] iron not inventoried 10/…£10
1040.4.11 ½

the estate of the decd. is [dr.?] viz

to Robt. Hale Esq. 24. Joshua Presson 12/…£1.16
to Hannah Woodberry 104/ John Leach [65/8?]…[£8.9.8?]
to Sarah Allen 20/ Zebulon Allen 27/…£2.17
to John Tuck 60/ Joseph Morgan 25/...£4.5
to David Larcum 4/ Jonathan Phelps 24/6…£1.8.6
to Robert Woodberry 2/9 Robt. Woodberry, Jr. £29…£29.6.9
to Willm. Leach 27/6 David Ellinwood £29/12…£30.19.6
to George Tuck 16/9 Saml. [Putnam?] 8/…£1.4.9
to [no name written] 12/ Joseph Morgan 56/…£3.8
to Anthony Wood 65/ funeral charges £87/15…£91
to the wooll divided among ye heirs 84/…£4.4

legacies paid viz

to Robert Woodberry, Jr. £15 Jonathn. Ellinwood £100…115
to Zebulon Woodberry £15 Moses Morgan £15…30
to John Leach £15 Robert Smith £15…30
to Jonathan Woodberry £15…15
to ye execr. for time, trouble & expences as pr. acct….£64.10
to loss on sundry articles as pr. acct…£9.11
to [nothing written] 30/ sundry receipts 13/…£2.3
to stating, allowing & recording this acct….£1.5

[?] Ipswich January 31st 1742

then Jonathan Woodberry made oath to the foregoing amount which being examined is allowed by Thomas Berry Jud. Prob."

abstract of receipts from Benjamin's probate file:

Jonathan Woodbury gave £50 to Jonathan Ellinwood as part of the £100 pound legacy from his father's will, 17 March 1732

Jonathan Woodbury gave £15 to Robert Woodbury, Jr., as legacy for his wife Priscilla from her father's will, 5 June 1732

Jonathan Woodbury to Jonathan Ellinwood, £25, 13 September 1732

same, 7 December 1732

children of Benjamin and Mary Ellinwood:(8)

i. Eleanor b. 7 July 1688
ii. Benjamin b. 27 January 1689/90
iii. William b. 1 November 1691
iv. Patience b. 19 June 1693
v. Mary b. 23 April 1695, died young
vi. Priscilla b. 3 March 1696/97
vii. David b. 11 December 1698
viii. Samuel b.21 November 1700
ix. Mary b. 9 October 1702
x. Robert b. 26 November 1704
xi. Andrew b. 22 October 1706
xii. Jonathan b. 19 October 1708
xiii. Eunice b. 18 November 1710
xiv. Anna b. 6 April 1714

sources for vital records: Benjamin's birth and death dates come from the published Beverly, MA, vital records.

1. The will was probated on 19 April 1731, Essex County probate #8691.
3. a stool with joined legs, with mortice and tenon joints.
4. hardware with sharp ends angled or able to be angled mostly for coupling or securing logs.
5. an adjustable pothook.
6. chimney (as used with a lamp).
7. perhaps spanshackle; a bolt with shackle used on a ship's deck, or a kind of tackle.
8. Beverly vital records.

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