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     About 1670 Jachin and his brothers John and Judah appear on the estate of lands list for Norwalk for the first time. Each had land valued at 50£.(1) With fellow Doug Sinclair ancestor John Keeler, Jachin was appointed to be an overseer of the pounds "to mark all colts and yeerlings as they apprehend belong to the owners of such mares as shall be brought in, with their owners markes, and also they are to bring in all such strays, or unmarked horses, as they shall take in those pounds, unto the towne" on 20 February 1679/1680.(2) On a 1687 list of estates of commonage, Jachin's land value is given as 100£.(3) Given the name Matthew among his children, Jachin's wife may have been the daughter of a Matthew. Matthew Sension and Matthew Marvin both settled in Norwalk. She may have been the daughter of Matthew Marvin, Jr., whose children are not well known, or Matthew Sention, Sr. The latter apparently married Mary Tinker. Their known children do not fill the entire period in which Mary could have had children. Since Mary was born 1606, she may have had children up to about 1646, allowing for a daughter - perhaps the Mary who married Jachin. Jachin's first daughter was named Mary.

children of Jachin Gregory (this list from the Norwalk town records is confirmed by a list of his surviving children given in his estate file except for John):

John b. 25 January 1670/1671 presumably died young
Thomas b. 17 January 1672/1673
Samuel b. 19 March 1675/1676
Sarah b. 15 September 1678
Matthew b. 17 December 1680
Jachin b. 10 May 1682

vital records sources: An inventory of his estate was taken on 22 February 1697/1698 (Fairfield County Probate estate file, microfilm, Connecticut State Library).

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