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.....Ichabod became a member of the Braintree Congregational Church in the late 1750s. He was elected a surveyor of highways in 1747, 1753, 1762 and 1772; was on a committee for hiring men for the Revolutionary War in 1777, 78 and 79; constable in 1775, 1784 and 1785 (the latter two years with his son Ichabod, Jr.). He owed taxes in 1785, the collection of which was deferred for a month.

(from the Chamberlain Collection)

87-133 - Ichabod Holbrook administrator of Ichabod Holbrook, Mar.5,1788 & bonded with Thomas & Nathaniel Holbrook.

87-350, Inventory, Jul.8,1788: Pew in Rev. Mr. Welds Meeting house.
mansion house, barn & 12 a. the house lot.
2/3 of 17 a. undivided land adjoining the house lot.
29 a. at west side of road opposite the house.
2/3 of 43 a. lying undivided with the administrator.
5 1/2 a. Pine Swamp, Mendon.
7 a. meadow adjoining the pond.
7 1/2 a. called the Pond lot.
10 a. called the great meadow.
25 a. woodland in Stoughton.
4 a. ditto at the Blew Hill.
1 a. cedar swamp.
4 a. salt marsh.
88-80 - Paid Lemuel Field for digging a grave 0/1/6
Paid Elisha French for making a coffin 0/6/0.

children of Ichabod and Hannah (Hayden) Holbrook (from Braintree, MA, vital records):

Hannah, b. 19 October 1746, bur. 14 Apri 1749
David Holbrook

vital records sources: his birth is from the Weymouth, MA, vital records. Documentation of his death hasn't been found, although the date and place has been widely published. The proof of marriage to Hannah Hayden hasn't been researched.

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