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.....Ichabod became a member of the Braintree Congregational Church in the late 1750s. He was elected surveyor of highways in 1747,1753,1762 and 1772; constable in 1775, 1784 and 1785 (the latter years with his son Ichabod), and on a committee for hiring men for the Revolution in 1777, 1778 and 1779. He owed taxes in 1785, the collection of which was deferred for a month.

From the Chamberlain Collection:

87-133 - Ichabod Holbrook administrator of Ichabod Holbrook, Mar.5,1788 & bonded with Thomas & Nathaniel Holbrook.

87-350, Inventory, Jul.8,1788: Pew in Rev. Mr. Welds Meeting house.
mansion house, barn & 12 a. the house lot.
2/3 of 17 a. undivided land adjoining the house lot.
29 a. at west side of road opposite the house.
2/3 of 43 a. lying undivided with the administrator.
5 1/2 a. Pine Swamp, Mendon.
7 a. meadow adjoining the pond.
7 1/2 a. called the Pond lot.
10 a. called the great meadow.
25 a. woodland in Stoughton.
4 a. ditto at the Blew Hill.
1 a. cedar swamp.
4 a. salt marsh.
88-80 - Paid Lemuel Field for digging a grave 0/1/6
Paid Elisha French for making a coffin 0/6/0.

(Rev. Ezra Weld. Born on 13 Jun 1736 at Pomfret, CT.111 Ezra died at Braintree, MA on 16 Jan 1816. Education: Yale 1759. Ezra was ordained pastor of the Church in Braintree in 1762 or 1764 where he remained pastor until his death.)

children of Ichabod and Hannah (Hayden) Holbrook:

Hannah, b. 19 October 1746 (RTB:227
Ichabod, b. 26 May 1748 (RTB 1:229)
Ebenezer, b. 25 March 1749/50 (RTB:232)
Nathaniel Holbrook

vital records sources: His death is in Records of the Town of Braintree, 1640 to 1793, ed. Samuel Austin Bates, vol. 2 (Randolph:1886), p. 183, "after a very short illness."

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