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Sarah probably grew up on Mutton Lane just off Clerkenwell Green. She was given £100 by her grandfather Jackson in his will, to be received when she was 21. In her family history article, Jane (Bradford) Gooch has a description of Sarah, source not noted, that says sShe was very bright and merry and she dressed very well, in handsome silk and brocade dresses. She was short and slight, they say that her husband could encircle her waist with his two hands. She walked quickly, with a brisk step, so that the neighbors always noticed her as she went along Red Lion Street. She loved the theater and dancing and other amusements." It's also been said that shortly before he died, her father woke up from several days of unconsciousness and told her that he had seen his deceased wife and a daughter who had died as a child. The deceased Mrs. Jackson told him Sarah would join them in two years, which she did. No record of her sister hasn't been found.

children of Sarah Jackson and Robert Stoddart:

i. Thomas Jackson b. 18 November 1793
ii. Mary May Louisa b. 17 November 1795
iii. Sarah b. 19 December 1797
iv. Ann Amelia Stoddart b. 23 September 1799
v. Elizabeth b. 20 July 1801
vi. Robert b. 23 May 1803
vi. James b. 21 July 1805
vii. Emily b. 24 May 1807
viii. John b. 7 November 1809
ix. Clarissa b. 6 December 1811
x. Rosina b. 7 September 1814

vital records sources: Her birth and death come from a family Bible. Her baptism (8 Dec) and burial (5 June) are in the St. James, Clerkenwell, parish register.

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