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Samuel Jenney

  This is a synopsis of Samuel's life gleaned from various sources: Samuel volunteered to join a company of men organized but never sent to help fight the Pequod tribe in Connecticut on June 7, 1637. In 1642 he was an investor in the construction of the first boat built for the Plymouth Colony. A year later, as part of a general migration from Plymouth due to poor land quality, Samuel moved to Portsmouth, Rhode Island, where he married Susannah. He became a freeman there in 1648. About 1655/1656, instigated presumably by the death of his wife and mother, he moved back to Plymouth to continue operating the family corn mill. He married Anne Lettice there. They moved to the Acushnet part of Dartmouth in 1662, settling on his motherís land. He served as a town officer there. The town was attacked amd burned during King Philipís War (1675), and three of his sister Sarahís children were killed. The family moved back to Plymouth for four years, then returned to rebuild.

child of Samuel Jenne and Ann Lettice:



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