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A thorough search of records in Dartmouth and the region around it has revealed no birth record for Hannah, which is not surprising. Many residents of Dartmouth in the 18th century had no municipal birth records, including her husband and her children. She was very likely the daughter of Ephraim Landers and Elizabeth Burgess, who were married in Dartmouth about 3 years before she was born. After her first child, the next four were named Phebe, Elizabeth, Ephraim and Henry. Phebe and Henry were Abner's parents' names, so it's quite reasonable that the other two were named for Ephraim and Elizabeth Landers. Their first child was Luther and their last Jethro. Elizabeth Burgess had a brother Luther and Henry Jenne had a brother Jethro.
      Hannah was admitted to the First Congregational Church in what is now Fairhaven, Massachusetts, on 29 July 1801.1

The following October her three surviving children, Phebe, Luther and Elizabeth, were baptized there. She surely was the Hannah Jenney who living in New Bedford (the part that was to become Fairhaven) when the 1810 census was taken and had two children of the right ages and genders.2 She had another woman living with her who was over 45 years old. This likely was her mother Elizabeth (Burges) Landers. Elizabeth was probably the third woman in the Jenne houshold in 17903 and the oldest woman in their 1800 household.4 Hannah was probably the older woman living in her daughter Phebe's Fairhaven household in 1830,5 but if the enumerations are correct, she wasn't with any of her children in 1820.
      Hannah sued Abner for divorce in 1809. The reason is made clear in a notice required by the Supreme Court of Bristol County as due diligence to inform Abner.

Hannah Jenne, formerly Hannah Saunders, the wife of Abner Jenne of New Bedford...[says on the fifteenth day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty five, she was legally joined in marriage with the said Abner and that ever since the said marriage, she hath behaved and conducted herself in all respects as becometh a kind and dutiful wife, but that the said Abner hath on the contrary since that time committed adultery with divers women, to your libellant unknown, nd hath also since the time of said marriage at divers times committed adultery with one Bathsheba Cornish, particularly on the first day of July last said New Bedofrd and has since absconded out of this commonwealth and not retuned; she therefore prays that the bond of marriage between her and her said husband may be dissolved. New Bedford, June 23, 1809.6

      In the October term of the Supreme Court the case was suspended because the use of the misspelling "Saunders" wasn't considered legal notice.7 The case came up again in the October 1811 term of the court and the notice was reissued. The last time I find it published was on 22 August 1812, but I haven't found any decree finalizing the divorce and her gravestone calls her Abner's wife. She's buried next to other Jenne/Jenney family members in Naskatucket Cemetery, Fairhaven.

children of Abner Jenne/Jenney/Jennings and Hannah Landers :

i. Phebe, b. abt 1787
ii. Luther, b. abt. 1789
iii. Elizabeth b. abt 1792
iv. Ephraim, b. June 1796, d. 3 October 1798
v. Henry, b. June 1800, d. 11 March 1801
vi. Jethro b. abt June 1803 (bap. 30 June 1803)

vital records sources: There is no record found of Hannah's birth. Her marriage is in Vital Records of Dartmouth, Massachusetts to the Year 1850, Vol, 2 - Marriages (Boston:1929), 269. Her death date and age at death was found on her gravestone, Naskatucket Cemetery, Fairhaven, MA.

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