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Jane probably was born in the townland of Ballygarve, also known as Ballygarive, near Edgeworthstown. Her family attended church down the street at Corboy Presbyterian, one of Ireland's earliest Scottish congregations. She and at least some of her siblings didn't stay with that denomination, Jane being the most obvious by marrying Rev. George Keating of the Edgeworthstown Church of Ireland parish. Their home was at the comfortable rectory next door.

Edgeworthstown rectory

After Rev. Keating died, Jane moved in with her daughter Elizabeth Auchmuty at New Park Lodge seven miles southwest of Edgeworthstown, and this is where she died.

Newpark or New Park Lodge near Rathowen, Westmeath. The outside of the house has modern surfaces, windows and door, but the basic features suggest it was built in the early 19th century. The historic fabric of the interior has mostly been removed, but there is some decorative plasterwork in the entry hall that hints of its previous gentility.

children of Jane Little and George Keating:

i. Jane Margaret b. 12 November 1789
ii. Walter b. 9 July 1794, d. 30 May 1799
iv. George Graham b. 17 June 1795, d. 24 August 1795
v. John b. 30 October 1797, d. 29 September 1798
vi. Elizabeth Carolina b. 8 March 1800
vii. Maria Sarah b. 23 June 1801
viii. Georgina Letitia b. 7 June 1804

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