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   .....John was baptized on 31 March 1668 in Beverly with three of his siblings. The church record lists them "Simon, John and Susannah," which was likely the order of their birth. Rev. Hale of Beverly says John was 84 when he died early in 1750, putting his birth most likely in 1665. John is referred to as a fisherman in a 1696 deed, and calls himself a yoeman in his will. Given that seafaring men often called themselves yoemen in their wills, it may be that they retired from the sea later in life and farmed or had subsistance trades of some sort.

John made a deposition during the Salem witchcraft trials after visiting his grandmother Susannah Rootes in prison:

[ John Lovet v. Dorcas Hoar]

The depersision of John Lovet aged about 25 years this deponant tetifieth & say that he the s'd deponant sume time in June last past went into the prisan to see my gran mother then goodee hore asked me the s'd. deponant whether I knew of any witnesses that would Come in or be brought in against hear.&.I the s'd deponant told her I did not know of any and then the s'd. hore asked me whether goodman witreg would not Come in against her about his Cow I the s'd debonant tould the s'd whore I did believe he Would the s'd whore replyed she did not know that he had ara Cow, furder saith not(1)

John Lovett, "an ancient man in Years...came to ye Lord's Table" at the Beverly church on 21 December 1740.(RFCB p. 68) The word ancient was later erased, although not completely.

children of John and Mary (Pride) Lovett:(2)

i. Mary b. 29 November 1695
ii. Johanna b. 6 January 1697/1698
iii. Jane b. 30 July 1700
iv. Bethiah bap. 6 December 1702, died young
v. Josiah b. 27 August 1704
vi. Bethiah b. 17 August 1707
vii. Abigail b. 28 August 1709
viii. Sarah bap. 31 December 1710
ix. ?child of John d. 22 January 1714/1715
x. John b. 18 April 1718, perhaps the "son of John" who died at sea in 1759

vital records sources: John's baptism, marriage and death dates come from the Beverly vital records. His baptism in the latter was taken from the records of the First Parish Unitarian Church, Beverly. His death in the vital records was taken from Rev. Hale's record of deaths, which says he died in April 1750, age 84. If his estate was, as an index says, probated 9 April 1750 (file #17133), he likely died before April.

1. Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 82 
2. Beverly vital records


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