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         A record of the First Parish Unitarian Church of Beverly says that the wife of Josiah Lovett, Jr. "came to ye Lord's Table" on 8 July 1750. (1) It's likely he was the Josiah Lovett who had the following sailing record as master of a vessel:

ship Swallow: schooner, 30 tons, departed for Virginia or Maryland 15 November 1754, arrived from Maryland 21 February 1755
same ship departed for Virginia 26 November 1755, arrived from Maryland 24 February 1756
ship Swallow: schooner, 42 tons, departed for Maryland 25 November 1757, arrived from Maryland 10 February 1758
same ship departed for Virginia 7 December 1758, arrived from Maryland 21 March 1759
same ship departed for Virginia 3 December 1759, arrived from Maryland 24 March 1760
same ship departed for Virginia 4 December 1760, arrived from Maryland 10 March 1761
same ship departed for Virginia 25 November 1761, arrived from Maryland 18 March 1762(2)

This ship was supposedly registered on 22 October 1750 with Josiah as master. The owners were Thomas Davis and Benjamin Fisher.(2.1)

     Apparently a Joseph Lovett sailed Swallow after 1767, leaving to question what and if he continued to sail after 1762. Maybe he sailed Swallow up to 1767, then retired, perhaps due to an injury. His death notice calls him "Mr. Josiah Lovett, Jr." and in his probate papers he is "Josiah Lovett, Jr., yoeman." His gravestone says "Capt. Josiah Lovett, Jr." These are undoubtedly the same man, given the dates associated with these records and inscriptions and the description of his family in his probate file. This may be explained by his retiring from sea, in which case he would still be known as a captain, but wasn't occupied as such when he died.

children of Josiah and Anna (Woodbury) Lovett:(3)

i. Hannah b. 1 April 1751
ii. Anna b. 21 October 1752
iii. Lucy b. 1 April 1756
iv. Mercy b. 29 April 1758
v. Josiah b. 1 January 1762, lost at sea, 1780
vi. Eleanor bap. 4 March 1764
vii. Jonathan b. 17 May 1766
viii. Samuel b. 10 June 1769

vital records sources: Josiah's birth, marriage and death dates come from the Beverly vital records (his death record there is taken from his gravestone, which says he died in his 45th year, meaning he was 44 and would turn 45 on his next birthday). His death was reported in the Essex Gazette, 28 Sep to 5 Oct 1773, p. 39.

2. Early Coastwise & Foreign Shipping of Salem, etc., (Salem:1934), pg. 175 and 176.
2.1. Essex Institute Historical Collections, v. 282.
2.5. Essex Gazette, issues of 17 to 24 Nov 1772 and 24 Nov to 1 Dec 1772, p. 3. Citation for the arrival date is wanting.
3. Beverly vital records

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