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Mary's signature on the administration bond for her husband's probate

children of Mary Parker and Samuel Dodge:

i. Samuel b. 21 January 1668
ii. Joseph b. 14 February 1670
iii. Hananiah b. 9 January 1672
iv. Anna b. 20 December 1674
v. Antipas b. 7 September 1677
vi. Mary b. 6 June 1680
vii. Amy b. 27 August 1682
viii. Deborah b. April 1685
ix. Jabez b. 22 March 1686(/87?)
x. Parker b. abt 1689
xi. Samuel b. 11 December 1692

vital records sources: Her birth is in Vital Records of Reading, Massachusetts, to the year 1850 (Boston, MA: 1912), 173. She appears to have another birth recorded in the Middlesex Co. court records, which collected and transcribed vital records from town clerks. The page is damaged, the date being 11 March 164-. The town record is generally favored, as it is here. Her death date comes from a gravestone in "Dodge's Row" Cemetery, or North Beverly Cemetery, Beverly, MA.

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