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Christopher came with his family to New England after 1632, when his son Edward was baptized in Stratford-upon-Avon, England. He settled in Providence in a place called Moshassuck. The location is thought to have been about a mile west of present-day Lonsdale. The settlers at Moshassuck were headed by Richard Scott, who went there before Roger Williams came in 1636 and settled the Baptist community where the City of Providence is today. The town granted Christopher land on the west side of the Moshassuck River abutting Thomas Arnold's property, but the date hasn't been found.
     The Quaker Christopher Holder of London visited Moshassuck in 1656, probably due to the familial connection between Scott and Anne (Marbury) Hutchinson. Some Moshassuck settlers soon converted to Quakerism. Christopher Smith was among them. The Smiths intermarried with Baptists as well as Quakers through several generations. It is possible that some of Christopher's sons did not become Quakers.
     Christopler was a freeman at Providence in 1655 (on a list of that year or granted freeman status that year?). He refused to serve on a jury, probably in 1657, but a fine was waived due to his "weakness of body." He apparently moved to Newport during the French & Indian War and died there. His death record refers to him as an "antient Friend" of Providence.


children of Christopher Smith and Alice Gibbs:

i. Christian, bap. 6 March 1618/19
ii. Susannah, bap. 11 February 1620/21
iii. Maria/Mary, bap. 30 March 1623
iv. Simon, bap. 1 January 1627/28
v. Joseph, bap. 30 December 1629
vi. Benjamin, bap. 30 October 1631
vii. Edward, bap. 17 March 1632/33?
viii. Thomas, abt. 1635

vital records sources:


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